Anti-Corruption Training Mandatory for Microsoft Partners

Microsoft announced in its quarterly Partner Network Disclosure Guide that it is making anti-corruption training mandatory.

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Network Administration

Cisco Certifications – Which One Is Right For You?

This article lists and examines the different types of Cisco Systems certifications and how they can help your career. Which is right for you?

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Microsoft Professionals

Today’s Top 5 Microsoft Qualifications For Professional IT Consultants And Engineers

We explore five of the most highly regarded Microsoft qualifications and discuss how each aspect of training will allow you to develop as an IT professional.

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MS Office Certification

Is Microsoft Office Certification the Course For Me?

Most office workers don’t struggle to use the basic functions on Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, but that doesn’t mean that they are certified experts.

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APlus in 2012

CompTIA A+ in 2012

It is a reasonable statement to say that the CompTIA A+ certification is one of the most popular in the history of IT. Have you ever wondered how it became so?

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Computer Training

Five Technical Certifications To Grow Or Keep Your Job

Technical certifications are a great way to achieve recognition in the technology field. However, with so much turmoil in the economy, certification may also be a way to advance your career or help keep your job. Deciding on which professional certification you should pursue depends on your interests and where you want to take your career.

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Linux Certification

Red Hat Certifications are highly valued in the IT market. The certification hierarchy goes in the following order, from beginner to expert levels.

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MCSE Interview

Is MCSE A Waste of Time?

CAME ACROSS AN article at eWeek is saying that employers are no longer impressed with certain certifications, and that they don’t command the pay scale that they once did. MCSE in particular was named – by one IT manager – as a certification that is “a dime a dozen”. He says there is no way to […]

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