Today’s Top 5 Microsoft Qualifications For Professional IT Consultants And Engineers

Microsoft Certification

Staying on top of the ever-changing IT industry can be tough, but it’s also an absolute necessity.  One of the best ways to keep on top of it all is to study for one of the Microsoft certifications, but it can be tricky trying to decide which one to go for.  This guide to what we believe to be the top five should help:

MCSE: Sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint has become a more and more important software package for IT professionals, encompassing as it does a wide range of potential capabilities across different sectors.  When deployed effectively, a skilled Sharepoint professional can help brands with a range of different individual tasks, including business intelligence, social media, branding, identity management and mobile marketing. As well as this, SharePoint enables users to process and access relevant data and to analyse relevant reports.  In terms of versatility, any 2013 IT professional should look towards the MCSE: Sharepoint certificate.  Some of the specifics of this qualification include core and advanced solutions within the software, as well as the administration and configuration of different servers.

Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Project 2013

Any IT professional seeking to enhance their usefulness in terms of project management should consider Microsoft Project an essential certification to obtain.  MS Project 2013 offers a range of useful features designed to help the user manage multiple projects with increased efficiency and skill.  Some of the main skills covered within this qualification include creating and modifying project task structures, building and managing logical schedule models, creating a user-controlled schedule, entering and editing resource information, setting and maintaining baselines as well as analysing and tracking multiple projects simultaneously.

MCSE Server Infrastructure

The MSCE Server Infrastructure qualification has remained incredibly important for a good few years now.  Put simply, almost any firm that possesses common sense knows how vital server management is to their success.  Without the ability to manage and troubleshoot servers, a firm could lose thousands of pounds worth of business as a result of a server crash.  This certification will indicate that the possessor is capable of maintaining any MS-based server.  The course also covers skills such designing and implementing said servers, both at an initial and advanced infrastructure level.

MCSE: Private Cloud

Cloud has become a major buzzword in the last year or two, with almost every modern company either already having made the migration in some capacity, or planning to do so within the next few months.  Microsoft’s Private Cloud certification is the company’s ‘expert’ qualification with regards to cloud security, and now rivals the CompTIA and CCP cloud certifications in terms of industry reputation.  If you’re planning to secure your future career as an IT professional, then investing in cloud management is an absolute must.  Some of the main skills covered within this course including installing and configuring cloud servers, monitoring and operating a private cloud, and then configuring and deploying the same.

MCSA: SQL Server 2012 bi-platform

Another key certificate, the SQL server 2012 qualification is the ideal qualification for anyone working within the business intelligence area, whether as an architect, a database professional or simply as a general consultant.   This particular course covers a wide range of different subject areas, including designing databases for analysis services, the management and the maintenance of SSAS databases, the creation of tabular data models and SQL service report, not to mention a host of other key skills.

In conclusion

As with all professional qualifications, it’s worth exploring further the potential options available to you.  Check if your employer will help fund the cost of study in return for the increased expertise that they’ll be provided with as a result, and ensure that you apply for the most recent, up-to-date course.

Author Damian Coates is the ICT Business Support Director at Utilize, an IT support company in the South East of England. He has helped many of his staff choose the right Microsoft certification for their level of experience in the industry. Learn more about Utilize here.

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