Matt King

The Best of Zach King’s Magic Vines

Call them what you will; special effects, illusions, or magic, this compilation of Vine tricks is well worth wasting a few minutes on.

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Fundamental Knowledge about DVDs

Have you ever wondered how the files work on a DVD? To break it down, let’s first take a look at the file system used on a DVD disc.

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Music on my Computer

Make Your Computer Rock

Sirius Radio. XM Radio. SIRIUS XM Radio. Yes, they’ve merged. But they still have separate websites, and both are offering free 3 day trials of their Internet Radio for your computer. It’s 100% Commercial-Free Music from every imaginable genre, plus Sports, News, Talk and Comedy. They have music stations that play only 60s music, 70s, 80s, Reggae, Blues, […]

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Microsoft Silverlight

Laurence Moroney on Silverlight

LAURENCE MORONEY IS THE AUTHOR of several books on .NET and Web services, as well as several dozen articles that span the technology realm. He believes strongly that good interoperability is the key to open standards and open source working efficiently and effectively, and that this interop should begin at the human level. This makes […]

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