Artificial Intelligence Robot

Programming with Artificial Intelligence?

In September 2020, Microsoft obtained exclusive licensing rights to GPT-3. And as bizarre as it may sound, Microsoft is using GPT-3 for programming!

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Windows 8.1 FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Windows 8.1 When Windows 8 launched to the general public in October of 2012, it was met with a great deal of controversy, mostly due to the fact that many of the new features and changes were heavily biased towards tablet computers. Other common criticisms included the complete removal of the […]

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Communicating with Clients: What Most Designers Don’t Know

Do you know these dos and don’ts when communicating with your design clients? It’s difficult for clients to find a designer that has the visual skills they need. What seems to be even harder is finding a designer that can communicate with well with clients.

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Adobe's Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud Continues to be Controversial

The creative services community is divided, with those for and against Adobe as a company, or the Creative Cloud as a product, lining up on opposite sides.

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Guest Blogging

#SupportGoodGuestBlogging #isupportmyblogguest

Today, Matt Cutts announced that Google has penalized a large guest posting network, which although it is unnamed, everyone pretty much knows is MyBlogGuest

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Anti-Corruption Training Mandatory for Microsoft Partners

Microsoft announced in its quarterly Partner Network Disclosure Guide that it is making anti-corruption training mandatory.

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Sad News for SXSW

Two people were killed and 23 injured, 5 of those critically, when a drunk driver ran from police and crashed into the crowd at the SXSW festival. The festival consists of 3 different “events”, including SXSW Interactive, an incubator of cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity from the brightest minds in emerging technology.

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The Internet's 25th Birthday

Happy 25th Birthday World Wide Web

Today, March 12th, 2014, is the 25th birthday of the World Wide Web. And what could be more fitting than a post by the inventor of the WWW, Sir Tim Berners Lee?

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Unified Communications

What’s Driving Unified Communications?

There are two common methods of Unified communications being used today. One considers user productivity while the other involves business processes.

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VoIP and Public Safety

VoIP and Public Safety

Businesses have a responsibility to their employees and their customers; to ensure that there is a way of contacting emergency services.

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