Sad News for SXSW

Two people were killed and 23 injured, 5 of those critically, when a drunk driver ran from police and crashed into the crowd at the SXSW festival. The festival consists of 3 different “events”, including SXSW Interactive, an incubator of cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity from the brightest minds in emerging technology.

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Scientists Grow New Teeth From Urine

This past summer, researchers from China published their findings in the Cell Regeneration Journal that showed how they grew simple teeth out of urine.

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Tech Events of 2014

7 Of The Best Global Technology Events

2014 is shaping up to be an excellent year for technology, with a wide range of thrilling events and exhibitions already planned across the globe.

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Skiing Technology for 2014

High Tech Toys Make Skiing Even More Fun

Ski gear has been the same for a long time. As smart phones get better and better, we’ll see more of their technology trickle into “unrelated” industries.

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On-Board Diangnostics

Five Latest Car Diagnostic Apps For Drivers

As a driver, you can find out what’s going on under the hood, but you need to have the right gadget. Here are some of the best car diagnostic apps.

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IT Support

How To Choose Between In-house Or Outsourced Computer Support

When it comes to the best computer support, do you stay in-house or outsource? Find out the right option for you here!

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The Jetson's

5 Modern Technologies That We First Saw On The Jetsons

It’s funny how the same technologies that we first saw in “The Jetson’s” are some of the same technologies of today. See how much we have evolved from them.

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The Top 3 Basics In Variable Speed Drive Maintenance

Read about the most important basic steps in VSD maintenance and learn how you can start taking care of your VSDs to keep them in excellent working condition.

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Microwave Gun

The Future Of Military Technology

As technology grows, so does the military technology that countries use to fight their wars, control crowds, and gather information.

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Home Automation

Automation Technology: The Future Is Here

The growth of the automation industry translates into a wider variety of products and services available to all home owners.

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