Is MCSE A Waste of Time?

MCSE InterviewCAME ACROSS ANĀ article at eWeek is saying that employers are no longer impressed with certain certifications, and that they don’t command the pay scale that they once did. MCSE in particular was named – by one IT manager – as a certification that is “a dime a dozen”. He says there is no way to know if the person actually has any skill, or if they were just able to memorize the questions and pass the tests.

The article says some certifications are still “good”, like Project Management (PMP), anything Security, and a few others. These are the ones that are constantly raising the bar, making them ever more difficult to obtain – meaning you’d better really know your stuff to get these certs.

Our friend Justin, who is a recruiter for Modis IT in Overland Park, Kansas, has this to say about it:

“It has been my experience that the significance of certifications not only varies from company to company, but also from hiring manager to hiring manager within each of those companies. Obviously making the effort to get certified with a specific technology will never hurt your career, but the value of that certification may depend upon the perspective of the individual evaluating that certification. “

Justin Stancil
Resource Development Manager
Modis IT

What has been your experience? Have you earned a certification, but feel that you really won’t know what to do in a real-world situation? Have lost out on a job to someone without a certification?

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    • Tom
    • October 29, 2008

    I have always found that it is better to have a certifcation when going for a new position in IT as it shows the potential employer exactly what your technical skills are. Better to have a certification than not.

    • Training Blog
    • November 16, 2008

    The MCSE for Windows Server 2003 will always ve valid though you do need to check out the new MCITP and MCPD certifications. You can easily upgrade your skills and have the most up to date certifications.
    Nice site you have got here.

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