Social Aspects


Cyberbullying – A Growing Concern In A Connected Society

How big of an issue is cyberbullying and is there anything that can be done about it?

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bill urell

The Power of One Person and the Internet

Bill Urell is a guy who once had an addiction problem, and has been “in recovery” for 16 years. He now works as an addictions therapist, and publishes an excellent blog that helps others overcome their addictions. He has shared his utter surprise at receiving a story of from reader who is using his information to help others in a remote corner of the world. Isn’t the Internet a marvelous thing?

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Sex on the Net?

SHOULD A GUIDE TO INTERNET SEX be on the shelf of a computer book store? Is it immoral, and do we booksellers have a social responsibility to keep this kind of book off the shelves? Or do we have the right to read it, and sell it, if we so desire?

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