kentucky bill

Kentucky Bill to Allow Programming as Foreign Language Credits

Kentucky students may soon be able to take computer programming classes to satisfy their foreign language requirements. Is this a good idea?

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Homeless Man learns to program

If Homeless Men Can Learn Programming So Can You

Patrick McConologue drove up to a homeless man over the summer and told him that he could choose between taking $100, or learning how to program.

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Feasibility Study

Determining The Feasibility Of A Software Product

It is important to conduct a feasibility study before investing in large systems. This article lists main aspects which each feasibility study should address.

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Programming Bugs

Software Bugs: Why They Should Give You The Jitters

Although they’re often overlooked in the development process, software bugs can wreak incredible havoc when they sneak through testing. Here are some examples.

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Online Learning

Free Online Learning from Stanford U

Check out these free online tech classses from Stanford University.

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The Future of HTML5

The web is in a major transformation stage and looks like HTML5 just may be the golden key to the future of the web.

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Classes and OOP in PHP

OOP is a relatively new type of programming as far as PHP is concerned. PHP4 does not provide the full facilities a fully object orientated language such as a C++ provides as standard; but PHP5 improves upon this with much more OOP support.

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How to send and receive data using Ajax

Like the desktop applications where the data transfer between the client and server side is seamless without any visible refresh, Ajax gives you the power to do the same on web based applications.

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PHP Class

Defining a Class in PHP

Defining a Class in PHP A class is a container that holds code used to perform a specific task. A class is more complex than a PHP function. In fact, classes usually contain functions, except they are called methods when you are talking about them and functions when you are creating them. Variables existing within […]

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PHP to ASP Code Convertor

NEED TO CONVERT your PHP code to ASP? Or maybe are you a PHP programmer who wants to learn ASP? Well, you can Just paste your PHP code into the textbox at, press the Convert PHP to ASP button, and voila! You’ve got ASP.

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