What Is So Good About Ruckus Wireless Technology?

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Older WiFi standards and technologies were designed for performing simple tasks that require connectivity.  Now there is a new standard in WiFi technology which provides service providers and organizations with more advanced capabilities and performance.

Not too long ago WiFi connectivity and equipment was designed to provide a cost effective and convenient way to connect to the Internet.  This type of WiFi connectivity was typically designed for home environments and areas which had low interference.

Although this represented a significant breakthrough which paved the road to new technologies, the older WiFi equipment does not address the current needs of individuals and businesses which include flexibility, scalability, and support for a wide number of simultaneous users. The older WiFi technologies which were once considered the latest innovation are now inadequate for addressing the connectivity challenges associated with new demands.

The latest WiFi technologies have proved to be successful in meeting some of the connectivity challenges businesses and individuals face when it comes to increasing productivity and offering enhanced customer service solutions which meet the demands of the mobile consumer.  New wireless technologies and network configurations enable businesses of all sizes to increase productivity without being held back by the shortcomings of older technologies.

Why are New WiFi Technologies Necessary?

If you have ever been in an environment where you experienced a weak or intermittent WiFi connection, the common determination for cause is usually building structures, metal objects, walls, and other obstructions which interfere with wireless connectivity.  Although this is true when it comes to older WiFi technologies, there are other factors which come into play.

Many older wireless technologies fail to accommodate the signal range which is required to operate a large organization or provide long range connectivity in outdoor areas.  Typically with older technologies the range is anywhere from 50 to 100 feet which is hardly adequate for today’s connectivity demands.

Additionally, the internal architecture of building structures often results in obstructing the wireless connection.  This is especially true in the case of a Local Area Network (LAN) connection which can results in an intermittent or unreliable wireless connection as a result of building structure.  This challenge is often solved using wireless solutions designed for use in both the indoor and outdoor environments which can leave an organization susceptible to security issues.

By implementing the latest wireless technologies, organizations of all sizes and industries can improve internal productivity while providing their customer base with access to a secure wireless connection whenever it is warranted for a specific industry.  This is what motivates businesses to implement the latest wireless solutions such as Ruckus which address these demands and challenges.

Overview: Who is Ruckus and What Type of Technology Do They Provide?

Ruckus is a wireless solutions provider which has existed since 2004 and is considered to be one of the pioneers in wireless technology. Recently, the company has taken significant strides to make wireless connectivity better and smarter to meet the ever growing challenge of voice, video, and data which can be accessed from anywhere and at any time without the hassles associated with older technologies. Ruckus technologies ensure faster and more reliable wireless access, thanks to improvements in signal to noise ratios, more dBs (decibels) out of a WiFi connection, and better control over polarization of transmissions.

There is a large amount wireless noise in the air with the increased implementation of wireless hotspots that it is difficult for people to communicate. As a result of years of testing, Ruckus devised a way to shoot wireless signals only to locations where they are needed.

The patented technology predicts the high capacity channels it should use at any given time, determines methods for getting a high volume of traffic on and off the network simultaneously, and implementing solutions to circumvent all the noise. This way packets do not get dropped and the end user accesses a high performance network which is consistent.

Ruckus came up with an exclusive patented technology known as Smart WiFi which delivers high performance under heavy loads such as stadiums, convention centers, airports, and outdoor public areas. This is carrier class type of WiFi that can adapt to interference, easy integration with existing cellular networks, and improved scalability.

Smart WiFi also offers higher capacity with fewer access points, stronger signals, super-fast WiFi connections at longer distances, and all for a lot less than you would pay other wireless solution companies.

Advantages: Why Choose Ruckus Over Other Wireless Manufacturers?

The main reason why many businesses are opting to use Ruckus technologies is due to the patented Smart WiFi we mentioned above.  Some of the specialized ruckus technologies such as Zoneflex, Flex Master, SmartCell and ZoneDirector offer consistent and reliable wireless solutions which are capable of accommodating individual business requirements.

When compared to traditional wireless solutions, Ruckus technologies offer targeted wireless connectivity which integrates WLAN with enhanced security and uninterrupted connections.

What Are the Different Types of Ruckus Technologies?

To help you understand the advantages better, let’s take a look at the various technologies included in the patented Ruckus Smart WiFi.


Zoneflex utilizes a patented Ruckus BeamFlex technology which delivers customized wireless solutions that provide an extended service range with targeted signaling that adapts to the surroundings and the environment. This means that the wireless connection is never compromised by building structure, a large amount of concurrent users, or the weather elements.  This type of technology is not offered by any other wireless solutions provider.

Zoneflex works through the consolidation of both Local Area Network (LAN) and Wireless Local Area Networking (WLAN technologies.  The controllers included in Zoneflex technology function on a completely different path than a data path which ensures consistent and reliable service. This means the controller is out of the path of a wireless LAN client and only facilitates management traffic. This is advantageous for both the indoor internal productivity setting and outdoor environments.

The outdoor Zoneflex wireless solutions offer access to high performance 802.11n connectivity which offers more than 150 Mbps in between each mesh node.  This provides the connection with extreme extended connection capability of more than 900 feet as opposed to conventional connections of approximately 100 feet. This enables organizations and their customer base to access a high performance WiFi connection from just about anywhere indoors or out.

Zoneflex technology is ideal for businesses which require consistent and reliable connectivity both indoors and outdoors.  These are industries such as restaurants, hotels with outdoor facilities, stadiums, convention centers, and similar venues.


The Ruckus patented SmartCell technology is designed to provide SMEs and large enterprises with improved gateways and access points. Additionally, the SmartCell technology offers a product known as Insight which provides enhanced protection required for larger organizations.  SmartCell gateways provide Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) controllers which are flexible and scalable and offer 3GPP compatibility for enhanced operability.

The management system provides a way to integrate all wireless components by utilizing a mobile packet core completely scalable WLAN controllers that are 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) compatible for optimal functionality. This helps to eliminate the problems associated with conventional wireless solutions since the access point is integrated with small components which are designed for high-density utilization.  It also solves the challenges associated with urban areas by offering the capability to accommodate 3G, LTE, and WiFi networks simultaneously for consistent and reliable performance.

This type of Ruckus technology is designed for configuration in outdoor environments which are utilized by businesses in the retail, hospitality, and restaurant sectors.  It is equipped with a hardened enclosure to stand up to harsh weather elements which is mountable on walls, poles, or ceilings with a BeamFlex adaptable antenna width of 120 degrees. The BeamFlex technology allows the smart antenna to automatically rank antenna configurations and then reconfigure itself to the best performing one.


ZoneDirector is a Ruckus technology which works with Ruckus Smart/OS to make configuration and administration of a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) easy. ZoneDirector is a high end Smart WLAN controller which runs with Smart/OS using a web interface.

Under typical circumstances, wireless LAN Controllers can require years of training and acquired experience to implement and maintain.  However, this is not the case with a ZoneDirector controller since it delivers all of the necessary features such as adaptive wireless meshing, advanced user access controls, flexible WLAN groups, extensive authentication support, and other essential features in one centralized management interface which is accessed via the Web. These features are typically only offered in costly add-ons when it comes to operating other centrally managed systems.

ZoneDirector delivers all the essentials and is offered fully equipped as a package deal while providing advanced security enhancements in one centralized system.  It is also easy to setup and configure and removes all of the hassles associated with conventional methods of WLAN configuration and administration.

ZoneDirector patented LAN controllers are used with Ruckus Smart/OS by a large number of businesses and organizations which cover a variety of industries.  Some of the industries include sports and convention center venues, retail and hospitality, healthcare, transportation and warehousing, and telecommunications organizations.


Ruckus FlexMaster technology provides a centralized WiFi management system which allows a WiFi network to be securely controlled and monitored from any location around the globe.  FlexMaster works with any Internet connection, LAN, or private IP network.

The technology operates on a Linux-based platform which acts as a managed service to perform configurations.  FlexMaster technology also allows for easy auditing, fault detection, optimization, and performance management for thousands of Smart WiFi access points and Smart WiFi LANS/WLANS all from a centralized platform.

The management system is a scalable element management system designed to manage standalone access points as well as ZoneDirector controlled environments.  The technology offers Carrier Class WiFi Management and functionality for large scale roll outs capable of handling thousands of devices and users, advanced troubleshooting, and comprehensive reporting for compliance.

It also offers end to end visibility which allows you to see from the CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) to the access points and ZoneDirector controllers.  FlexMaster is a software based application which is licensed to scale to the needs of your access points and devices.  Once it is loaded it is very simple to configure.

Many organizations that are involved with the telecommunications industry such as Time Warner and others that use multi-service operators, are ideal candidates for FlexMaster technology.

Where Can You Obtain Ruckus Wireless Technologies?

If you are a business user then I would not advise setting up Ruckus equipment in an office environment unless you have network and wireless network experience. There are many third party vendors out there that can help you, Our IT Department being a prime example – http://www.ouritdept.co.uk/ruckus-wireless-solutions/

Since Ruckus has been around for close to a decade, you can learn more about their technologies by accessing a wealth of information offered on the Official Ruckus Wireless website.  The technology has been introduced to some countries around the globe by telecommunications providers which are offering Ruckus technologies to home users for Internet and cable connectivity. In this instance, the configuration and setup is taken care of by the telecommunications provider using the interface technology we described earlier.

In the case of Ruckus Wireless implementation for organizations and large businesses, the technology should be installed by a Ruckus Wireless partner that has achieved qualifications through the Ruckus Big Dog Partner program.  This requires the Ruckus partner to complete an application, purchase a Ruckus kit, and undergo a series of trainings which help to award status as a Ruckus Authorized Partner.  This means you should make certain you are working with a Ruckus Authorized Partner before implementing any of the Ruckus technologies we described in this article.

To learn more about Ruckus Technologies, feel free to visit the Ruckess Wireless website.

Author Sue is an IT expert, with over 15 year’s extensive experience writing technology articles and blog entries. Sue has an interest in Apple technology and network security.

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