EHR - Electronic Healthcare Records

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Health Care Records

Electronic health records and electronic medical records have significantly changed how hospitals and clinics operate. Check out the pros and cons.

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Medical Technology

Technology In The Medical World

The pros and cons of the technology used in the medical world.

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Computer Systems Analyst

What Is It Like To Be A Systems Analyst?

Ever wonder what a Systems Analyst does?

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Information Systems Management

Concepts, Implementation and Benefits of Configuration Management

Configuration Management is the effective management of an Information System. The optimum utilization of an Information System is done by maintaining the standards in terms of performance efficiency, functional accuracy, and the consistency of physical attributes of the involved parameters.

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Computer Science Classroom

Stanford Uses BitTorrents to Give You Free Engineering Classes

Most people automatically associate BitTorrents with piracy, but it ain’t necessarily so. Case in point – Stanford University is offering several free online courses, available as BitTorrents, or from iTunes, YouTube, and Vyew. The courses are: Introduction to Computer Science Programming Methodology CS106A Programming Abstractions CS106B Programming Paradigms CS107 Artificial Intelligence Introduction to Robotics CS223A […]

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MIT at night

DIY MIT Classes For Free?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has 1800 courses available to you online – free, under the Creative Commons license – in their OpenCourseWare Program.

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Human Genome Project

The Human Genome – Got Yours?

IN 2003, THE HUMAN GENOME PROJECT was completed, after 13 years and at a cost of $2.7 billion. Now, for just $999.00, there is a company that can decode your DNA.

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