FTP Server

Drawbacks Of FTP In Secure File Sharing

This article discusses the drawbacks of FTP, the file transfer protocol, from a secure file sharing point of view.

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Home Security Technology

Worst Home Security Mistakes

People want to protect their home, but when they do they often make brutal mistakes that could lead to danger. Want to know what those mistakes are? Find out here.

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Cyber Stalking

Digital Stalking – How To Tell If You Have An Online Stalker

Online stalking is becoming more and more common. This article discusses ways to discover if you have an online stalker.

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Government Cell Phone Tracking: Domestic Surveillance

The right to privacy is being challenged by various forms of surveillance today. Cell phones are the repositories of abundant personal information and the government is listening.

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Internet Pioneer Tim Berners-Lee Condemns Internet Surveillance Operations

The row over Internet surveillance has taken a new turn, with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, calling for a “full and frank public debate”.

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Penetration Testing

5 Ways Penetration Testing Can Save You Thousands

One of those simple rules of any complex system is that maintaining small problems regularly, as they pop up, is much cheaper and faster to deal with than it would be if you let a lot go wrong and handled it all at once.

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Knowledge Based Authentication

Using Identity Verification In Your Call Centers

When a customer calls in to a call center, it is important to protect all of their private information and safeguard their identity from misuse.

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No Phishing

4 Common Technology Scams And How To Avoid Them

Technology scams are becoming more and more common and much cleverer in the way they target us. Here are four f the most common cons and how to prevent them.

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The Amazing Ways In Which Biometrics Is Redefining Security

Fiction often portrays the use of biometrics for security in futuristic, imaginative ways – and it may be closer than we think.

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Data Storm

Can Your Data Cloud Weather The Storm?

As safe as cloud technology is supposed to be, you should still be aware that this technology comes with notable risks.

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