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Web Design

5 Advantages Of Building Websites Offline

Should you build your website offline or online? There are arguments in favor of each approach. We look at 5 reasons to consider the offline route.

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Logo Design

Logo Design – A Pixelated View

The key is to create something that is eye-catching, but at the same time represents your brand in every way.

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Website Accessibility

Is Your Website Accessible?

Affordable Ideas To Show You Care For Those With Cognitive Differences

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Web Design Nerd

Top 10 Signs You’re A Web Design Nerd

Take a look at our ten signs that you’re becoming a web design nerd.

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The Art & Science of CSS

Free eBook – The Art & Science of CSS

SitePoint is giving away a free PDF copy of their book The Art & Science of CSS. All you need to do is either follow them on Twitter, or give them your email address. But there are only 12 DAYS LEFT, so hurry! (Today is November 20, 2008) About the book: CSS-based design doesn’t need to […]

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Expression Web

Expression Web Tutorial

EXPRESSION WEB is Microsoft’s latest webdev app – it replaces Frontpage. It has a lot of great new features, like Ajax controls and PHP support, and ASP.net controls. Plus, it’s BIG on standards, and has lots of CSS support. And no server extensions. And no extra, proprietary code! Tutorial Microsoft Expression Web – QuickStart Guide […]

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I'm Secure

This Page Contains Both Secure and Insecure Items

EVER GET THIS MESSAGE on your secured pages? This Page Contains Both Secure and Insecure Items. Along with Do you want to display the non-secure items? Yes, No, Cancel. We have had this problem in the shopping cart, and I’m sure it has cost CBO some customers. So we recently went through page-by-page looking for unsecured images. Found a couple, […]

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Webmaster Tools

A Dozen Kewl Tewl Sites for Webmasters

HERE’S A LIST of (mostly) not-too-well-known Webmaster tool sites. Most of them come from my own stash. Webmasters and web developers will find most of them useful, but some are just fun.

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Sheer SEO

Keyword Analysis with SheerSEO

HOW MANY HOURS have you put in on keyword optimization? And how often do you check the search engines to see where you are ranking for those keywords? And how many times have you waded through page after page, looking for your site, only to give up after about 20 pages?

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Webpage Checkup

Website Checkup with IBM Page Detailer

HERE’S A NIFTY LITTLE FREEBIE from IBM that will check your web pages for download time bottlenecks. What is IBM Page Detailer? The IBM Page Detailer is a graphical tool that Web site developers can use to rapidly and accurately assess performance from the user’s perspective. IBM Page Detailer provides details about how your Web pages are delivered to Web browsers. […]

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