This Page Contains Both Secure and Insecure Items

I'm Secure

EVER GET THIS MESSAGE on your secured pages? This Page Contains Both Secure and Insecure Items.

Along with Do you want to display the non-secure items? Yes, No, Cancel.

We have had this problem in the shopping cart, and I’m sure it has cost CBO some customers. So we recently went through page-by-page looking for unsecured images. Found a couple, but still the message wouldn’t go away.

Turned out to be the link to the style sheet. After adding the “s” to the “http”, it’s now working correctly.

A few things to look out for:

  • If you are using Google Analytics be sure to use the https version of their code.
  • Use the full path to images (and to your css files!) with the https. Don’t use relative paths.
  • Watch for images that aren’t actually on your site, but are pulled in with code, often used in some sort of tracking code. For example, Quantcast uses a small pixel gif for tracking purposes.
  • Be sure to use absolute paths on your links pointing OUT of the secure pages, or else your users will stay on https pages when it isn’t necessary, which will cause a drag on your server.
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    • December 1, 2008


    I’ve been at the start of the evolution of the Internet and I really do appreciate every day when we still have a spirit of free AND “free” information, especially on stuff like this/

    Clicked on your SUBSCRIBE TO RSS FEED and I get fowarded to a really messed up page, all in HTML.



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