Communicating with Clients: What Most Designers Don’t Know

Do you know these dos and don’ts when communicating with your design clients? It’s difficult for clients to find a designer that has the visual skills they need. What seems to be even harder is finding a designer that can communicate with well with clients.

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Adobe's Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud Continues to be Controversial

The creative services community is divided, with those for and against Adobe as a company, or the Creative Cloud as a product, lining up on opposite sides.

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Motion Blur of 3D Objects

Animated Sequences-3D In Motion

To make 3D animation to move, designers and programmers must use lots of tricks for there to be a live action appearance as compared to just computer generated

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Instant Weight Loss – With Your Graphics Program

NEED TO LOSE A FEW POUNDS? Here’s the no pain way to do it – without hunger or a single drop of sweat. Just open up your graphics program, and pixel those pounds away!

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scott kelby

Scott Kelby is Number One in our Book

For the fourth year in a row, Scott Kelby is the Top-Selling U.S. Computer Book Author, according to Neilsen BookScan data! We asked Scott what he thought about it.

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Photoshop Express

ADOBE HAS LAUNCHED it’s new Photoshop Express beta. It’s an free online toned-down version of Photoshop, and can be found here. It’s geared towards the new generation of users who edit, store and share photos online. It’s much easier to learn than Photoshop, and since it is web-based, it can be used with any type […]

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Graphics GUI

Free Graphics Programs

OK, SO PHOTOSHOP COSTS like $650.00, and CorelDraw costs about $425.00 and even Paint Shop Pro (Photo X2), which used to be free a-long-time-ago, costs $99.99. And maybe you have great artistic talent that needs expression, or just have some photos you’d like to edit, but you don’t have that kind of $$$. What’s an […]

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