Keyword Analysis with SheerSEO

SheerSEOHOW MANY LONG HOURS have you spent on keyword optimization? How often do you check the search engines to see where you are ranking for those keywords? And how many times have you waded through page after page of search engine results, looking for your site, only to give up after about 20 pages?

You need SheerSEO!

(Oh no, that sounds like a TV commercial!)

SheerSEO will do the work for you in a flash! When you first get to SheerSEO, simply enter your site’s URL, and SheerSEO will come back with a list of probable keywords. Next, add all the keywords and keyword phrases you want to check on. (Actually, I don’t remember, but you might need to create your free account before you add your own keywords.) Press the button, and SheerSEO will come back with your rankings in both Google and Yahoo, along with the page from your site that the keyword is most prevalent on.

SheerSEO RankingsClick on the field headings to easily sort your results by keyword, URL, rank, or rank change (if you created an account, they will send you a report whenever there is a change – I usually get a new report about once a week).

You can check your rankings on both Google (default) and Yahoo. Just change it in the little dropdown box at the top of the list.

At the bottom of the page, you can choose to show 10, 20, 50, or 100 results per page.

Any keyword with a position below 200 will be shown as >200.

Click on the history button and SheerSEO will create a chart showing you where you have ranked for that keyword historically. You can set the date range for this. You can easily check on any of your keywords here by using the dropbox above the chart.

The SheerSEO menu options include:

  • Current Positions
  • Historical Positions
  • Current Page Rank
  • Historical Page Rank
  • Current Referrers
  • Historical Referrers
  • Current Social
  • Historical Social
  • Main Referrers
  • Single Word Density
  • Double Word Density
  • Triple Word Density
  • Current Indexed Pages
  • Historical Indexed Pages
  • and tabs for account management.

As you can see, there are lots of options and information available.

So save yourself some time and effort. Check out SheerSEO.

Did I mention that SheerSEO is free?

(Cut! It’s a wrap)

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