Is Microsoft Office Certification the Course For Me?

Microsoft Office Certificationsby Harvey White

If you work with IT on a daily basis, a Microsoft Certification could be ideal for you. Many of the staff who work with the Microsoft Office package on a daily basis don’t even realize that certification is available. Some people aren’t even quite sure why they would need to be trained in Microsoft Office. The majority of office workers don’t struggle to use the basic functions of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, but that does not mean that they are certified experts.

Who needs to get qualified in Microsoft Office?

Getting trained in Microsoft Office isn’t about how to learn the basics of the programs. Consider the advanced functions in Microsoft Word or the formulas of Microsoft Excel – can you honestly say that you’re confident using the program to its full advantage?

Microsoft training is not only about gaining a deeper understanding of a familiar program, it is also about proving your expertise in that program and validating the skills that you have to your employer or prospective employer. Whether you’re an office administrator or a manager, the skills and benefits gained from a Microsoft Certification should not be underestimated.

What levels of Microsoft Certification are available?

Microsoft Certification is available on a number of levels depending on your previous experience. The four levels are Specialist, Expert, Master, and Master Instructor. To complete a course on the Specialist or Expert level, you are required to pass one exam. However, if you want to complete a course on the Master level, you need to complete four exams to prove your knowledge.

The Master Instructor Level is the highest level and naturally, you have more to prove to get to this level. To become a Master Instructor, you must have the Microsoft Office Master certification, as well as experience as an instructor. Alternatively, you can complete an instructor certification. Once you have done all of this, you will also need to have an application accepted.

How will Microsoft Certification benefit me?

With so many examinations and stages to pass to get to the Master Instructor level, it is clear just how well regarded this certification actually is. Employers recognize the hard work and knowledge that has been required to get to this level, meaning that the certification is viewed as incredibly valuable. The Microsoft Certification is recognized in workplaces across the world. Microsoft Office is the default software on PCs around the globe, so having proof of your knowledge is deemed valuable.

What format is the examination in?

You are awarded your certification after successfully completing examinations. Exams are an hour in length. You won’t have a nervous wait for results, instead you are given an instant verdict when your test is completed. Rather than writing essays for an examination, you will be required to use the program to prove your knowledge and skills. In some cases, you would use a simulation of the program, whereas in other cases, you will be using the actual program. Pre-tests are available for a small fee if you want to get some practice in before the final test.

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