Mensa Words

The Washington Post’s Mensa Invitational once again asked readers to take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter, and supply a new definition.

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Microsoft Silverlight

Laurence Moroney on Silverlight

LAURENCE MORONEY IS THE AUTHOR of several books on .NET and Web services, as well as several dozen articles that span the technology realm. He believes strongly that good interoperability is the key to open standards and open source working efficiently and effectively, and that this interop should begin at the human level. This makes […]

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Adobe Acrobat 8

Tips for Using Adobe Acrobat Professional 8

Here are some tips and solutions for using the snapshot tool instead of an email attachment, for placing comments directly onto a document, and for using “Bookmark” to flag pages.

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Broadband Card

Mobile Broadband Cards

Mobile broadband makes it possible to access the Internet for mobile devices such as laptops, PDA’s, Blackberrys and Smartphones.

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Websites for Kids

Some Great Kid-Friendly Sites

Written by an elementary school teacher from Florida, and aimed at kids in grades K-6, this site contains tons of links to sites under the headings of Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Reference, Math, Activities, Sites for Teachers, and Clip-Art.

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Ubuntu for Non Geeks

Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks, Third

Chapter 3: A New Place to Call Home – Getting to Know the Desktop NOW UBUNTU IS UP AND RUNNING, and you are ready and raring to go. If you are running Ubuntu from your hard disk, you will first see the login screen that will appear each and every time you boot up. There’s no […]

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Graphics GUI

Free Graphics Programs

OK, SO PHOTOSHOP COSTS like $650.00, and CorelDraw costs about $425.00 and even Paint Shop Pro (Photo X2), which used to be free a-long-time-ago, costs $99.99. And maybe you have great artistic talent that needs expression, or just have some photos you’d like to edit, but you don’t have that kind of $$$. What’s an […]

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Alarm Clock Webpage

Alarm Clock

IS YOUR COMPUTER in your bedroom, or the room you sleep in?  Well, here’s an alarm clock for you – in  a webpage. Set the time, choose your alarm sound, and press SET THE ALARM. The alarm will go off at the set time, and won’t stop until you get up and press the STOP […]

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Magic Jack VoIP

MagicJack Simplifies VoIP

MagicJack uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to provide their phone service. So what’s the difference in MagicJack and Skype, or any of the other VoIP services?

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Ask-An-Expert Site for Kids

PItsco’s Ask An Expert (no longer available, but the expert’s sites below are) KIDS ARE CURIOUS. Kids ask questions. Lots of questions. Pitsco’s Ask-An-Expert is a site that has a list of various Kid-Friendly sites that will allow them to ask a question of an expert. In some cases, questions are asked via a form on the Pitsco site. […]

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