5 Tips For Getting Money In GTA 5

GTA 5 Money

You have to have money in Grand Theft Auto in order to unlock all the best cars, planes, boats, bikes, etc. Obviously, if you want to be able to succeed in the game your going to have to be able to make money. Stuff isn’t cheap and if you want that tank you so desperately need then your going to have to put millions of dollars into your bank account. Rockstar did put a half a million dollars into online players accounts as a token of their apology for the delays upon launch, but you’re going to need more. In this article I am going to talk about what you should be doing in order to make more money with Grand Theft Auto.

GTA 5 Stock Market

Stock Market

The stock market is a diamond in the rough for GTA players. When I first started playing the stock market I really didn’t understand it much. I would just buy some stocks and hope they went up. Yes, it’s sad but that was my plan. Now you can easily take advantage of the stock market by destroying competitors businesses, beating up their employees, and giving them hell. As a result your stocks you have in the competing company will raise.

There are always assassination missions you can take part in. The goal here is to invest in them after killing someone or planting sticky bombs on their business. In time, they will recover and as a result your bank account will profit. Of course, you can always cheat and take a picture of the stock market with your phone and then save the game. Once 6-12 hours have passed, revert back to your save and invest money in all the stocks that have increased.

GTA 5 Robbery

Rob Stores/ Armored Trucks

If you are a little short on cash you can always hold up stores. It’s fun, pretty easy, and a way to get quick money.

What I typically do when playing offline is go on a robbery spree and hit up 3-5 stores at once. It does cause your wanted level to go up, but the cops are pretty easy to evade with this approach. However, if you’re playing online, you can wait outside the stores for others to rob store owners and then once they do, shoot the robber and take all the money. Also, a good tactic I use is to get on a high building and snipe them. Just make sure your ready to grab the money and run. They won’t like you doing that, but hey, that’s GTA for you!

Armored trucks are a lot of fun to rob.  If you see Gruppe 6’s trucks, these are vehicles that carry 5k. You will need to use explosives to blow out the doors and be prepared to evade the police.

GTA 5's Chop

Use Chop

Chop, Franklin’s dog, has a lot of uses that people fail to realize. Sure, he is great when you need an extra ally to help with reeking havoc on the police or bad guys, but if you walk around with Chop for 30 minutes and point your crosshairs at people, Chop will attack them. Also, if you want some free ammo, what I do is go to Franklin’s area of town and start a beef with gang members, and go around collecting the ammo they drop when they die.


One of my absolute top tips for getting money in GTA 5 is to do a heist. They are fun, exciting, and pretty tough later in the game. You can get lots of money by doing a heist, but you will need to hire extra help. Keep in mind that the experience level you hire greatly affects how much money you will make and the degree of difficulty the heist will be. For instance, hiring a novice guy for crowd control will mean you have to do what your hired help can’t do. You might have to handle stuff yourself in order to pocket some extra money. Experiment with it and try to hire the less experienced characters if you can still complete the heist. Worst case situation is you have to replay it if you can’t complete it with the newbies.

Buy Property

Buying property is one of my favorite ways to get money in the game. My advice is to buy property early and often. You’ll get a weekly income which does take some time to show a good ROI for your property. I should note that a lot of the high paying properties are not available until later on in the game.

I hope these tips will help you get more money in Grand Theft Auto 5.  Of course, you can always enter cheat codes if you want to.  Remember to mix it up and do what you enjoy the most. Have fun playing GTA 5!

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This article was written by Garen Arnold. He enjoys playing games on his PS3 in his spare time when he isn’t developing websites.

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