The Top 3 Basics In Variable Speed Drive Maintenance

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By Debra Wright

The use of variable speed drives (VSDs) for motorized machinery has proven to be highly effective in lowering energy consumption and lessening electricity usage. Known for its capability to efficiently regulate the force and speed of a motor by controlling its frequency and voltage take-up, VSDs are widely used to save on machinery costs. Compared to fixed-speed motors that consume the same amount of energy every time they run which is usually more than what’s actually required by the system, machines with VSDs are energy-efficient and highly adjustable to system requirements.

VSD’s are machines and eventually, machines falter. They easily become defective when exposed often to certain elements that wear them out or when not properly taken care of. To keep your VSD’s in its optimum working condition, regular and proper maintenance must be observed. This will keep the equipment working well for a longer period and maintain the smooth flow and quality of production outputs. Apply these basics in variable speed drive maintenance and prolong the service life of your VSDs.

Proper Cleaning

Like any machine, VSDs must be kept clean. Proper cleaning is always a basic in the maintenance of all equipment. Make sure to regularly remove dust and prevent its build-up as it can cause poor machine performance from diminished airflow. Furthermore, dust also attracts moisture which, as you must know, leads to machine deterioration.

Proper Ventilation

Again, moisture is one of most machines’ greatest enemies. The moment moisture is left to stay for long in a machine’s system, it will start a series of defects that can lead to a major machinery breakdown. Moisture can cause corrosive effects to parts which may run over to other parts resulting to grave defects and can require comprehensive electronic repairs. Proper ventilation is required to prevent this.

It is a MUST to keep VSDs dry. Sufficient ventilation also keeps machines from retaining too much heat. Dehumidifiers are useful as they control the temperature and humidity in an area and prevent moisture from building up.

Proper and Regular Inspection to Ensure Secure Connections

Normally, when a motorized machine runs, it can elicit vibrations and movements that can cause connections to loosen. Loose connections can result to unintended electrical arcing which can lead to damaging disruptions on voltage faults and power components and degradation of certain mechanical parts. Moreover, loose parts can cause undesired fluctuations during machine operation and can lead to overall damage which may threaten the safety of machine operators and personnel. Inspect internal parts for damages or possible foreign objects that have been accidentally trapped inside. They can cause disruptions leading to unpleasant sounds and vibrations.

The above mentioned are the most basic in VSD maintenance. But some tend to overlook these basics, which is a totally wrong move. They are considered basic because they are important aspects maintenance can’t be successful without. As the useful cliché goes, we start and go back to the basic. Better perform these basic steps to prevent more costly repairs in the future.

No matter how excellent the quality of your VSD is, it can’t give its best performance and utmost length of service without proper maintenance, like any other machine or equipment.
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