Top 5 Technology Trends To Watch In 2014

Technology Trends for 2014

Mobile technology has taken over the marketplace in recent years, but will it continue to dominate in 2014?

Both businesses and consumers are closely watching trend predictions, eager to learn how technology will continue to change their lives after the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve. But if one thing is clear from 2014 predictions, it’s that tech companies will continue to develop the devices we’re currently using, making them more interactive and sophisticated than ever. Here are a few upcoming trends to anticipate as 2014 approaches.

Wearable Technology

It seems every technology hardware manufacturer is scrambling to come up with a revolutionary smartwatch. While the iWatch still has no promised release date, numerous other manufacturers have already hit the market with theirs. While Sony and Samsung already have smartwatches in stores, 2014 is expected to be the year consumers begin seeing these watches on wrists. Additionally, consumers will be seen sporting technology such as glasses, rings, fitness bracelets, and even pet collars in increasing numbers.


Juniper Research predicted the number of workers adding mobile devices at work will reach 350 million. Unfortunately, as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has exploded in recent years, many businesses have been caught off guard. In 2014, these businesses will begin to put BYOD policies in place, as well as set security restrictions on the server level to address concerns with personal devices housing business data.

Localization of Online Shopping

E-tailers are becoming more competitive than ever and 2014 is expected to be the year online stores provide local options. Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and other retailers are already offering local options for online shoppers such as in-store pickup and return-to-store. Amazon is testing local delivery in order to speed up service. In 2014, more retailers will find ways to merge their online and local presences.

Personal Cloud

As businesses increasingly leverage the power of virtualization, consumers are beginning to realize the power of personal Clouds. Instead of purchasing a new laptop or desktop and loading software locally, consumers are now able to access files, word processing software, and powerful personal apps using tablets, smartphones, laptops, or PCs. This trend toward personal Clouds will continue into 2014 as more consumers begin to rely on services like Evernote, Dropbox, and storage options provided by services like the iCloud.

Big Data Takes Over

As the marketplace begins to welcome hordes of new Big Data graduates, large corporations will find more ways to utilize their expertise. This includes analyzing shopping traffic patterns using video surveillance, satellite images from space, web user behaviors, and much more. Sensors and cameras will begin to appear everywhere from school classrooms to shopping malls to football stadiums as researchers seek to learn more about human behavior in order to predict future trends.

While no one knows exactly what the future holds, by studying the technology being developed today, researchers can better determine what we can expect in the coming months. One thing consumers can expect is that technology will continue to move forward, becoming more complex and likely surprising everyone by where it goes next.

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