Making Furniture With Computer Aided Design (CAD)

CAD Furniture Design

by Graeme K

CAD is becoming an increasingly important part of contemporary furniture design. Understanding how to use CAD is considered an essential part of a furniture designer’s education, thanks to its ability to quickly transform ideas into technical drawings. Using CAD designers are able to create original furniture designs faster than ever before.

What is CAD? 

CAD is an acronym for Computer Aided Design. It is used by engineers, architects, and yes – furniture designers in order to create plans and drawings. CAD systems are more than software. They also involve a mouse, digitizing tablet or light pen and printer that is capable of meeting the design specifications. CAD systems are extremely useful because they allow the user to view the design from any angle. They also provide the user with the ability to zoom in and out.

CAD allows the user to move between three-dimensional and two-dimensional views of the drawings. You can also change the scale of your furniture drawing so that when you change one value all of the related values change as well. You can manipulate the shapes of your drawings. If you change one part of the drawing CAD will automatically adjust the rest of the drawing to suit.

 The Benefits Of CAD For Furniture Design

In the past, furniture designers were often limited when it came to drafting furniture designs by hand. In particular, obtaining the desired level of accuracy and precision was a challenge. CAD helps furniture designers to overcome this problem, thanks to the software’s ability to provide automatic adjustments to dimensions.

Another benefit, from the furniture designer’s perspective, is the help advanced CAD programs offer. More sophisticated CAD programs will provide suggestions about the materials and dimensions that should be used in order to enhance the appearance and durability of their furniture. And thanks to cloud platforms, designers can share CAD furniture designs and collaborate with one another.

Designing Furniture with CAD

CAD has significantly improved the ability of furniture designers to go from idea to prototype. Using CAD, the designer can quickly create a prototype of any desired furniture. Thanks to 3D printing technology, the furniture designer can create a three-dimensional drawing and then have prototype created with the click of a button. In the past, such a task would have to be done by first drafting the design by hand and then using manual tools to create the prototype.

Using CAD can reduce the possibility of creating beautiful looking furniture which may be impractical in terms of functionality. When furniture is designed using CAD it can be tested for applied force. This can be used to see how the furniture would stand up to human or other weight that is placed on it. If a piece of furniture is not able to stand up to this weight, adjustments can be made in CAD. This can create huge potential savings in wasted time and materials.

Furniture is an art which combines function with beauty. Using CAD, designers are able to take their vision and see it realized faster and more accurately than ever before.


Graeme KAuthor Graeme K: It was watching a designer using CAD for stainless steel furniture that opened my eyes to this incredible technology. While to those in the industry it is probably just a tool they use, to see it in action seemed like watching something from the future! No wonder such radical and innovative designs are now possible, that actually do the job as well as looking great.

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