What Are HP’s Recycling Targets In Relation To Printers?

HP took on its hardware recycling initiative in the year 1987 and has since then recovered more than 2.3 billion pounds of products that are meant to be recycled for reuse.

HP Recycling

Through these recycling programs, HP actually extends the life of its hardware – printers in particular – cuts down on the impact that these have over the environment and makes the acquisition of printers a whole lot easier for the masses. The kinds of printers that are recycled abillion re those that are not in a position to be reused.

Believe it or not, in the past couple of years, HP has manufactured 1.5 billion laser jet and ink cartridges, all of which are made out of content that has been acquired through the recycling process. With the help of recycling, HP actually reduces different parts of cartridges to basic raw material, which is later utilized for the production of new cartridges, along with other plastic and metal products. 

Recycling Targets

HP has also set its recycling targets. It was back in the year 2004 that the producer had taken on an initial goal of recycling half a billion pounds of equipment. This particular goal, believe it or not, was easily achieved, after which, it took on another initiative of recycling another half a billion pounds of materials through printers. This goal was also achieved in a mere three years’ time, which goes to show HP’s commitment to environmental stability.

HP’s Competitors

HP’s closest competitor in terms of recycling goals is IBM, and if the truth be told, HP beat IBM at it in 2006 alone by recovering a full 187 million pounds of equipment on a global level. With the passage of time, HP has continually made efforts to enhance and add to its recycling goals, and since then, the targets that it has set have literally doubled with the passage of time.

These particular targets are met solely through HP’s printer recycling initiatives. It by no means includes the products that it reuses, refurbishes or even resells or donates. HP is actually registered as a Waste Broker under the 1990 act of Environmental Protection Part II, and the Waste Management Licensing Regulations 1994. More and more countries are continually being added to its recycling program, which means that the ever-growing recycling targets in terms of printers that the producer sets are definitely going to be met. The latest targets that are said to have been achieved by HP are those of recycling two billion pounds of printers on a global level – that is definitely a substantial undertaking, which the producer has managed to fulfil with utmost ease thanks to its global partners!

All in all, HP, as a manufacturer is dedicated to enhancing environmental stability, and for this purpose, it continues to add to its printer recycling targets on a regular basis. HP doesn’t just sets targets, but actually strives hard to achieve them!

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