Virtual Servers Helping Colorado Businesses Recover From Flood Damage

After a widespread flash flood hit Colorado, from Boulder all the way down south to Colorado springs, residents and businesses were left to cope with the destruction. Businesses who survived the flood, like CorKat Data Solutions, stepped in to help fellow companies in need by providing temporary virtual servers for those whose physical servers had been damaged or destroyed. CorKat is a data center and cloud computing provider that wanted to help businesses affected by the flood to get back online, at least temporarily, until they are able to repair or replace their servers.

Unexpected Devastation

Residents of Colorado were unaware at the time that overnight rains would be heavy enough to flood canyons and send a devastating flash flood through Boulder. In a period of 19 hours, Colorado dealt with more than a half a foot of rain in the region. The flood washed out roads and killed at least 6 people. President Obama then stepped in to sign an emergency declaration for Colorado, to help allocate federal assistance. Boulder was faced with a 20 foot wall of water that came roaring down a mountain canyon just north of the city. Many people were rescued from their vehicles in high water, but others were swept away attempting to escape. Homes collapsed onto residents leaving them trapped. Coloradans, hoping the rain would stop, continued to see the rain fall into the next day, sometimes at a rate of about an inch an hour.

Virtual Servers to the Rescue

CorKat Data Solutions Helps Colorado Flood Victims When the rain finally stopped, residents of Colorado were faced with significant damage to houses, neighborhoods, roads and businesses. Friends and neighbors helped each other clear out debris and recover from the destruction. Local businesses helped by collecting donations and reaching out to victims, including other businesses that were affected by the flood. CorKat Data Solutions was able to provide their virtual servers so that struggling businesses would reduce the amount of profit loss caused by the severe damage to their equipment.

For CorKat, it is easy for them to lend out servers at low or no cost based on the situation each business is facing. The servers can help businesses get back online and up and running while their long-term fixes are being implemented. Many businesses will have to replace all their equipment, which will be costly, but without the help of the virtual servers they would lose even more by being offline for an extended period of time.

Colorado residents have been devastated by this unexpected flash flood for which they had no time to prepare. These kinds of disasters often bring local communities, and even outside communities, together to make an effort for recovery. Without help from the generous donations of companies like CorKat, businesses in Colorado would be bankrupt as a result of this widespread damage. Volunteers and concerned citizens will continue to help in a spirit of generosity, as Colorado works to recover from the flash floods and businesses hope to get back on their feet as soon as possible.

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