Top Tips For Building Your First PC

PC HarddriveBuilding your own PC is an exciting prospect that will no doubt be fun. However, as with anything you do for the first time, you are likely to run into some problems along the way. There are a few things that can trip you up as you go, but the best way to avoid that is to be organised and plan properly.

Most people are mystified as to what happens inside their computers, so it is a useful skill to learn how to put together one of your own. It should also save you some money and it will mean you do not have to run down to the computer shop every time you experience problems with your PC.

Static Electricity

You may have heard that static electricity can cause potential problems when trying to build a computer, so this is a good place to start. There are wrist-straps you can buy to prevent static, but most professionals don’t use them. If you just work on hard surfaces and wear natural fibers, then you will not create any static.

Proper Planning

Take lots of time to plan what you are going to do and to make sure your parts are compatible. Researching components is one of the best parts, it is when you have the opportunity to try and make your dream a reality. But always keep a budget in mind so you don’t get too carried away.

Buy for Your Needs

It may be tempting to buy all the very latest and most expensive components, but if you make a list of all the games and programs you use, it may become clear that you don’t need to spend that much. You don’t always need the latest parts to have great performance.


If you are not in desperate need of a PC right away, it may be worth waiting for a component to be updated or to come down in price. New models are released all the time, so you could potentially end up with something far better for the money.

Online or Physical Stores

You need to weigh up the differences between buying your parts online or going to a store. There are lots of pros and cons for each method. The most obvious ones are that online is generally cheaper, but it can be more difficult to return items or you may have significant waiting times. Physical stores allow you to see the part functioning in real time, and they have better returns policies. However, they can be expensive and you could encounter incompetent salespeople who may give you incorrect information.

Buy All Your Components Together

This means you will not encounter the problem of incompatibility from buying parts at different points. If you are waiting for the release or upgrade of one part, then wait until you buy that to buy the rest of your parts as well.

Handle With Care

Server RackWhen your parts do eventually arrive, be very careful with them as it is easy to accidentally damage something. Also be aware that when you are putting things together, you don’t force them. This can cause damage; rather than forcing it, try turning it a different way.

Time and Space

Once you are ready to put everything together, it is important that you have enough space and time to complete your project. It may take longer than you anticipate, so make sure you have enough time set aside. You will be working with fragile and expensive parts so you need to have sufficient light and space.

Author Alex White is a PC enthusiast who has turned his passion of building PCs into his career. He currently runs Component Warehouse, selling a huge range of products including some of the best gaming PCs.

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