Evernote And SalesForce Combine For Enhanced Productivity

Combining Evernote and Salesforce

by Kris Dietz

A new partnership with new potential

Working together from within the cloud, Evernote is one of the most popular apps in the cloud-based note-taking market. This popularity is part of what has led Evernote to combine forces with SalesForce CRM (Customer relationship management) platform.

Evernote Business was introduced in August 2012 and goes beyond the standard features of the consumer version with increased support of organizational collaboration.

This new business functionality was then used to create the Evernote for SalesForce app that was introduced to the SalesForce app exchange. This app allows users to add sales info, customer research, contacts, meeting notes, and even email exchanges that have been stored in Evernote Business directly to SalesForce customer records with a single click.

The true beauty of this combination

Beauty of Evernote plus SalesforceOf course, the idea that sales and support teams can be more productive with the ability to access content more quickly is very attractive to many businesses.

There is another benefit that is less well-known but still has a lot of potential for benefit: offline functionality. Evernote Business works on mobile devices and desktop platforms as well, and performs as usual even when it is not connected to the internet.

When offline, the app simply stores all data that is entered and waits for the next opportunity to connect to the internet before it attempts to sync to SalesForce once the app is back online.

Other very handy features include:

  • The ability to attach audio, images, and other files to SalesForce customer records
  • The ability to view relevant notes from departments automatically
  • The ability to build a historical archive of company accounts

Video: Evernote Business for Salesforce

A change is here!

Evernote Business 2.0 is now available to the public. It offers some very interesting and useful features including:

  • Expertise Discovery – Keyword searches allow users to locate colleagues with subject-specific experience.
  • Evernote Business Home – Offers the option of having a central hub of information stored on a business account.
  • Faster knowledge sharing – Add coworkers to relevant notebooks for faster information access.
  • Programatic user management – Allows for simplified management of employees with Evernote Business accounts.

Evernote and Saleforce App Takeaway

A word of caution

As with any technology, there is the potential for bugs and other failures. In order to minimize the impact that these things can have on your business it is important to have a backup of your most essential business and customer information stored elsewhere in a more traditional fashion.

Perhaps storing records on a hard drive for a certain period of time, or even on a small flash drive for smaller accounts. These sources can then be wiped clean every so often to make room for more records.

Your takeaway

Evernote and SalesForce make a formidable team and your business could definitely benefit from incorporating Evernote into your existing SalesForce account activity. Evernote and SalesForce are very useful in their own rights, but when combined they make a proposition to businesses that cannot be ignored!

Author Kris DietzKris Dietz loves creating something amazing and then spreading the word about it! My mission is to develop and mold SEO into an amazing outlet for sharing valuable resources. I enjoy networking and meeting like-minded individuals.

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