Technology In The Medical World

The medical field is one that relies heavily on the advancement of technology. Evolving technology is doing everything from treating cancer to delivering babies and aiding in addressing heart attacks.

Medical Technology

There is, however, another side to the new medical technologies, like physical therapy billing software and electronic medical records.

While these advances are mostly positive, there is also, unfortunately, a negative side to technology in the medical field because it does remove some of the human aspect of medicine.  Below the pros and cons of technology, especially the use of electronic medical records, in the medical world are discussed.

Electronic Medical Records


Doctors and nurses rejoiced when electronic medical records first hit the scene. It allowed offices and hospitals to do away with their original paper-based systems that were often unorganized and ineffective. Doctors and other medical professionals were now able to look at a patient’s entire medical history with a few clicks. This makes it easier for doctors to make a diagnosis since past information is easily available for instant viewing.

The creation of electronic medical records also opened the door for physical therapy billing software that makes correspondence between doctors and insurance companies seamless. Without this kind of technology, patients are left waiting to hear about reimbursements and what they’re responsible for. The staff in doctors’ offices are now able to quickly submit claims to patients’ insurance companies and receive instant feedback about coverage.

Further, ordering patient’s medication is a cinch with the use of electronic devices in doctors’ offices. Patients have not been complaining about not having to go to the pharmacy to drop off their prescription. Electronic medial records have eliminated this sometimes aggravating step for patients. It saves everyone frustration and time when prescriptions are ordered directly from the doctors’ office, and it also opens up a dialogue between the doctor and pharmacist, when needed.


Nowadays when you visit your doctor they are usually equipped with a tablet or laptop.  As you discuss the reason for your visit you often find your doctor typing away or searching on their electronic device.  Even though they are clearly looking through and reviewing your medical records, it can leave for a very cold experience.

It appears that the days when a doctor will sit in front of you, make eye contact, and discuss your ailments are long gone. It seems that some doctors rely heavily on their devices and forget that medicine does require a human-to-human connection. Further, some doctors use their devices as a crutch and are quick to use it to diagnosis patients, without going through the proper examination and dialogue with their patients.

Sometime, in the near future, people won’t even have to visit their primary doctor because consultations will be able to happen through electronic devices. The advancement of medical records overall has added great positives to doctors and their patients. Doctors must remember that patients require the eye contact and conversation with their doctors to feel like they are getting the proper care and attention. As long as medical records are used to enhance consultations and appointments, then they will continue to be accepted by all.

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Author Carolyn T. is a healthcare worker with an interest in blogging.

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