The Power of One Person and the Internet

BILL URELL IS A GUY who once had an addiction problem, and has been in “recovery” for 16 years. He now works as an addictions therapist, and publishes an excellent blog that helps others overcome their addictions.

He shared his utter surprise at receiving a story of from reader who is using his information to help others in a remote corner of the world.

Isn’t the Internet a marvelous thing?

Bill UrellHi Folks,

I received a comment on my blog that has shaken me up. My reader posted his very moving story on my “Share Your Story” page, an outlet to share experience strength and hope of readers. He also sent me another comment thanking me for my efforts in providing quality information that he uses in his work to help people with addiction.

He lives in Shillong. I had to Google it. It is one of the smallest and most remote States in India. He asked me for a specific resource, which I was able to provide. Unbeknownst to me, my work is being utilized in a remote corner of the world. I mean that blows my mind. My cars transmission slips, I’m going bald, I don’t like anchovies…all my problems, and I am global?

It certainly made me think about responsibility to post quality info, and be really thankful that I bought into the idea that quality content can be its own reward and should be our foremost goal. It also guilted me out about the times I worried about the less important, but necessary components of running a blog (like how to make a $buck$), updates and so forth.

It is days like this I am grateful for an opportunity to possibly affect someone’s quality of life on a global basis. When I was caught in the web of addiction, and even in early recovery, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have a day like today. I’m not bragging here, it is more a sense of incredulity and wonder. Who woulda thunk… Big Grin


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