Seth Godin for $1.00 or Less

TribesAs always, Seth Godin has hit another home-run! His new book Tribes tells us how to lead our organizations.

Tribes are everywhere, in companies large and small, and their members are hungry for connection, meaning, and change–in other words, for leadership. For the first time, explains Godin, everyone has an opportunity to lead, not just be bosses. In Tribes, he explains how.

Seth has a Squidoo lens that lists 86 (so far) reader-submitted ways to build Tribes, and they are so right-on! The lens is called Tribe Building Tactics.

Seth says: By tactics, I mean specific things you can do to engage people, to build community and identity, to create connections and participation. Online or offline.

Now his book Tribes is available as an iTunes download (page not found) for less than a buck,  or from Audible for free (no longer free), other than your name and email address. The links are also available here on Seth’s blog.

I’m downloading my copy now!

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