Which Day Has Better Deals: Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday

Black Friday

Black Friday has long been the standard of great sales in the United States. This tradition, however, has changed with the growing popularity of online shopping. First the addition of Cyber Monday let online retailers participate with their own deals, and then it became clear that Cyber Monday could ultimately outshine the Black Friday deals. If you’re only going to go hunting for discounts one day this year, here are some of the reasons you should make it Cyber Monday.

1. You Can Get Free Shipping

In the past, one of the biggest reasons to choose Black Friday over Cyber Monday was the issue of shipping. High shipping costs from online retailers can ultimately end up canceling out the money you saved on the deal in the first place. Last year, however, a huge number of retailers offered free shipping without a minimum purchase amount, including big names like Best Buy and T-Mobile. This year, it looks like even more are jumping on the free shipping bandwagon. This makes it even more convenient to shop for deals from your own home. If you can pay the same price to have something delivered to your door as you would to carry it around various stores all day before finally transporting it home, why wouldn’t you choose that first option?

2. The Sales Are Impressive

Retailers have seen their sales jump in the past years. As more and more online stores get in on the Cyber Monday deals, you’ll find plenty of incredible sales that rival the ones you’d find in stores on Black Friday. While most retailers are staying quiet about their biggest deals this year, we can look at last year to see the kinds of sales you can expect. Many stores simply offer a large percentage off anything in their store, such as T-Mobile, which last year offered any shoppers 50 percent off on select smartphone on Cyber Monday. Sometimes it will target specific item, such as the Samsung Galaxy S III, which had been a huge hit across all wireless carriers last year. This post lists this year’s top 5 discount you will get from T-Mobile on Cyber Monday 2013.  (Site is gone!) The deals are easily as good as any on Black Friday, especially with the free shipping options offered by many.

3. It Can Be Done From Home

Cyber MondayShopping from home isn’t just about convenience. It can actually be cheaper. If you live in a very small town or on a farm in the country, getting to your closest big-name stores could be a thirty or forty-five minute drive. If you’re planning to go from store to store to store, that’s more money you spend on gas. Spending all day shopping gets exhausting, so you’ll probably go out to eat somewhere for lunch – maybe even for supper too, if you’re still going by then. All these expenses can be cut out entirely when you shop online from home on Cyber Monday. Save on gas, save on food, save on getting a babysitter for the kids… and, of course, on Black Friday, there’s always a slight risk of injury with so many people pushing and shoving for the best deals. If you don’t go out, you don’t run that risk, and you’ll have no need to worry about any unexpected medical bills.

Cyber Monday isn’t just a fad anymore. It may be giving you the best deals you’re going to get this holiday season. Enjoy the mad rush of Black Friday all you want, but this year, consider holding off on the majority of your gift shopping until Cyber Monday. You’ll be surprised what you can find.

Author Karen Jones loves to blog about gadgets, travels, and shopping tips. She recommends the iPhone 5c as the top holiday gift this year.

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