What’s Driving Unified Communications?

Unified Communications is a service that focuses on real time results. Users are able to communicate in real time by using features such as instant messaging, telephony, data sharing, video conferencing and speech recognition.

Unified Communications

This service is quickly becoming a must-have option in the business world and even being installed in residential areas. Individuals want to be able to communicate now and having multiple options for communications makes for an easier work day as well as interesting connectivity to others.

You may be wondering what is driving unified communications to an all-time usage high? There are several factors that can be considered. From social networking to the newest generation, individuals want to be able to collaborate and connect simply, via an internet connection. There are currently two common methods of Unified communications being used today. One considers the user productivity while the other involves business processes. Whichever version you use, the following factors are the driving force behind the boom of this communication service.

Social Networking

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram are all social media outlets that are used on a daily basis. Users use these outlets at least once a day if not more, making the need for instant interaction a must. With these interfaces, users have interaction almost simultaneously, which is what we want. Because of this ‘instant communication’ individuals want to be able to have the same results in the work place. By offering unified communications, employees can connect instantly as they would with social media outlets, making the work day more productive.

Increasing use of Video

In today’s society, video has almost taken the place of face-to-face conversations. Face Time, Skype and other outlets provide users the ability to converse face to face without having to actually be in person. Equipment such as desktop computers, notebooks, laptops, tablets and even smartphones are now being created with built-in webcams so that these applications easily can be applied. Online video conferencing or just chatting is simple with unified communications that offer this service and have greatly become commonplace.

Virtualized Organizations

Businesses and large companies are expanding now more than ever to hire contractors or freelancers who work from home. Unified communications plays a very important role in this type of employment environment. External partners can have quick access to the actual company for meetings, conferences, or one-on-ones with unified communications. The seamless integration of this service can help an outsider of the company quickly be connected to the core center of organization communications.

Smartphone Adoption

Smartphones have taken over the world as the top means of communication. You can text, chat, call, video, use social media and so much more with a smartphone. With unified communications, any model is supported to help provide productivity by expanding on the communication capabilities that the smartphone already has in place. Service providers recognize that the smartphone is the perfect market to apply such technologies for additional communication options.

Generation Z

Generation Z can now be officially known as the generation of technological advancements. Just a few years ago, individuals did not have smartphones with video, texting and online capabilities. Generation Z has known nothing but technology so the communication tool is essential to their everyday lives. With Unified communication implementation, an organization can use the technical ability of the latest generation to increase the overall productivity of the company. In the past, the older generation had to be shown how to use technology, but Generation Z already has a greater understand of these communication tools.

Overall, Unified communications is a solution that consists of different elements and components. Each can be used to the advantage of the individual for communication aspects in both work and play.

Michelle Patterson has been learning and writing about the technologies. She loves sharing her information with the world so that small businesses phones and business owners could take advantage of these technologies.

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