Warm Fuzzy Blogging by a Schizophrenic Programmer

Schizophrenic programmerJust had a read on a blog by a programmer named Binny. He’s starting a new tradition and I like it. From now on, when he subscribes to a blog, he is writing to the owner and letting them know.

He thinks, and I agree, that it would be a nice thing to do, and would have possible advantages like networking, a possible new reader, world peace (coming from that warm, fuzzy feeling you’d get by receiving an email like this), and … who knows what else, since he just started doing it.

You could send a link to your own blog, and if it is in the same field, it could lead to backlinks or guest blogging opportunities or just a great friendship.

Here is his template, and he says everyone is welcome to use it.



Hi [Name],

I am Binny V A (http://blog.binnyva.com). I wrote this to let you know that I just subscribed to your site. I really enjoyed the [name of an article you really enjoyed] article.

Also, I have a blog in this field – http://lindesk.com/ – check it out.

Thanks – and keep up the good work.

Binny V A

This is a great idea. Let’s all make this a tradition, and make our connections a little more personal.

And another thing about Binny’s blog, he’s got a great computer humor section. You’ve got to read his post titled 30+ Reasons Why All Programmers Are Schizophrenics.  I’m pretty sure I’d fit right into this group, and you might, too. Here are just a few of the signs:

Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Deterioration of personal hygiene

Bizarre behavior
Does sitting in front of a computer for 15 hours a day count as bizarre behavior? You betcha!

Irrational statements
“IE’s ActiveX control ‘XMLHTTP’ and XMLHTTPRequest (W3C Standard) can be used for Ajax Programming“

Social withdrawal, isolation, and reclusiveness
The basic traits of a programmer

Extreme preoccupation with religion or with the occult
Despite what you might be thinking, Emacs *is* a religion.

Excessive writing without meaning
What do you think programming is?

So like I’m going to subscribe to Binny’s blog, and send him an email letting him know how much I like his computer humor and his new tradition. Ha. Ha ha. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Where’s my twinkie?

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    Thanks for the support. I hope I get mails saying that someone has subscribed to me – that way I can understand first hand how people feel about the email.

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