Top 3 Skype Alternatives For iOS

I’m sure you’ve heard about the privacy-invading capabilities of Skype and other popular public programs. Specifically, we’re talking about the PRISM surveillance program allowing law enforcement authorities to monitor messaging and access credit card numbers of users.

Skype, Android, and Tablets

Because of the recent disclosures, many Skype customers, including heavy users, began switching to less popular, but by no means less reliable, applications for free calls.

Frankly speaking, I’m an avid Skype fan – I used it, I use it, and perhaps I will use it in the future. However, I think that having an alternative application will never hurt, especially for making important calls. In this post I list and describe three highly rated iOS applications for making free calls and sending messages.

#1 CFC

CFC iOS Freecalls

CFC is a free iOS application that allows you to send free text messages as well as place free local and long-distance calls of high quality.  Similar to Skype, CFC employs VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technologies to ensure high quality of connection. Because the technology is rather cost-efficient, the app is available for free download. To start making calls with CFC you need to register (the process is fast) and ‘earn’ your first bonuses. ‘Earning’ bonuses implies clicking on the ads or completing various offers by sponsors (game download for instance). When you have enough bonuses on your balance you can make free calls. Everything is easy and straightforward. The most recent version (3.0) of the application features:

  • Increased speed and quality of voice channels.
  • Regular ‘Happy Friday’ giveaways.
  • Free calls within the Community of CFC users (no need to earn bonuses).
  • Custom design: users can switch colors of the interface.

They’ve also added new sponsors. By the way, if you’re short of time, you can purchase these bonuses using ‘real money’: 200 bonuses at $1.99; 500 bonuses at $4.99.

#2 Nimbuzz Messenger

Nimbuzz Messenger
Nimbuzz is a well established iOS app that combines the power of the web and smart phone messenger. This all-in-one app is literally packed with handy features, such as:

  • Free video calls.
  • File exchange.
  • Group chat.
  • IM (Instant Messaging) Community: you can gather multiple IM accounts into a single list.
  • Custom chat wallpaper and more.
  • ‘Photo Magic’: users can edit images using such inbuilt tools as Effects, Frames, Stickers etc.

To be able to place and receive video calls, both you and your friend must have the latest version of Nimbuzz.

#3 iCall


iCall is a recognized brand in the industry of free calls and instant messaging. Similar to Nimbuzz, it allows users to integrate all IM accounts into single list and thus maximally simplify communication. Compatible with the iPhone, iPad and even iPod touch, this application provides free ad-supported calls. To unlock premium features users have to upgrade their accounts.

So, is it possible to outperform Skype? In fact, it is. The market is full of apps that can compete with this program. Just find yours and enjoy high quality calls. Luckily, most of these are free, so you risk nothing when testing them :).

Robert SimonsRobert Simons loves technology, gadgets and everything in between. He’s the owner of, (no longer available) a website covering various tech-related topics.

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