The Six Best Videoconferencing Services For Your Boardroom

Videoconferencing has become a necessity in nearly every business, as markets become global and more and more employees have to connect in real time across the world. To accomplish this, many companies offer premium products and services to those in the need of such communication.

Video Conferencing

There are software and services associated with every cost level and experience, with some even offering access from mobile devices like smartphone and tablets, as well as the established boardroom videoconference model.

For the more traditional boardroom approach, which can result in super-crisp visual and audio, as if you actually are in the room with each other, companies like Cisco and Logitech stand out amongst the rest. The price tag may be higher, but you will get what you pay for. “You can spend a few thousand to hundred of thousands of dollars on video conferencing equipment for your boardrooms,” notes the videoconference and presentation system experts at AVT Conference Room. Here are some of the best options for videoconferencing for your business needs.

Cisco Systems TelePresence

With Cisco Systems’ products you can easily scale up to include multiple offices, with the added ability to stream and record video with their Cisco TelePresence System. It really is like you are sitting across from someone at a desk, even if they are miles and miles away.  From immersive telepresence to collaboration rooms, Cisco has a myriad of options. Learn more about Cisco

Polycom RealPresence

With Polycom’s RealPresence Immersive systems it’s all about HD video and audio. They excel in trying to recreate life-size video to put you in the room with other participants. From the RealPresence Room solution to the more modest, though thoroughly adequate, RealPresence Desktop, which can stream the same services to your desktop PC or kiosk, Polycom offers a wide range for every budget and need. Learn more at Polycom


Logitech touts their high quality video, audio, and data sharing tools, as they offer some of the best motion handling and video latency on the market today. Their software and technology allows realistic interactions across the globe, easily. Logitech also takes the time to make sure the products are not too daunting for the user just walking onto the boardroom, making easy user interaction a big plus. Learn more at Logitech


Avaya’s Radvision offers another hybrid video and audio and data collaboration tool.  Radvision is trying to be to be one of the most effective in the realm of cost and power consumption. Their products also work well with most of the leading operating systems available today and include many personal devices. Learn more at Radvision


Vidyo touts itself as a leader in personal telepresence. Vidyo delivers HD quality video conferencing over everyday IP networks using off-the-shelf equipment. With stellar quality, reach and the cost savings of their software and cloud services, they offer the ability to connect to all sorts of endpoints so room systems, desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile are all within reach. Learn more at Vidyo


Aver, based in Taiwan, offers products for room-based systems, mobile availability, and other fairly simple setups. For example, their EVC100, which is a system for less than $1000, includes a wide-angle camera, microphone, and a video communication box; allowing a business to set up videoconferencing easily and cheaply. Learn more at Aver

Author E.H. Rossman, a freelance writer based in Portland, OR, blogs about science and technology.

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