The HP Pavilion 4310nr – Is It A Netbook Or A Laptop?

The HP Pavilion 4310nr

The HP Pavilion 4310nr is small even by netbook standards, lightweight and capable of achieving many things.  The device is not ideal for every application but it has plenty to recommend for the right user. Battery life is one of its most impressive features, making it a great travel companion that won’t fall asleep after work is over.

Light and bright

The overall design of the 4310 has earned it much praise. Features such as a higher resolution screen appeal to a broader audience, helping to bring it into markets usually reserved for laptops.

The resolution of the 4310 puts the screen into the HD category.  The screen measures 11.6 inches, which is wider than other netbooks. An HD Bright View LED-backlight feature means that with a matte finish, the screen is able to kick out incredible color and contrast, though at some cost to battery life.

Slightly larger and heavier than the average netbook, the 4310 is a highly portable netbook,  with a few more performance features built in. At 3.5 lbs, it is still fairly lightweight.

Performance status

The 4310nr has been given a dual core processor in the form of the AMD E2-1800.  The processor will give plenty of power for doing tasks on the netbook, but will not drain the battery unnecessarily.  The netbook has 4GB of RAM in total and has been given a great battery life of around 7 hours.  In terms of on-board storage, the netbook has been given 500GB which is plenty for the average user.  Anyone looking for more storage should really be considering a laptop or desktop computer instead.

Sweet sights

Entertainment features on this particular netbook include a TrueVision Webcam that has been given an integrated microphone.  The netbook is also equipped with Beats Audio and 2 speakers for great sound quality, so that if you are watching a video or listening to music you will find it more than adequate. More of an entertainment machine than a dedicated work-horse, the 4310 has a smaller keyboard than would be comfortable for all day work, yet is fine for sending out emails and typing forms on web sites.  For general use and entertainment, the 4310 is a really good combination, equally split between wanting to be your friendly movie player and your work partner.

Software included with the computer includes a trial for Norton Internet Security, features for protecting the hard drive, e-reader for Amazon Kindle, Skype, and Netflix. You can also get access to the Windows 8 apps store and there are user guides pre-loaded onto the computer for ease of use.

Is It for You?

Netbooks are disappearing fast from manufacturers’ catalogues as they are under assault from the much more trendy tablet computers. They do have lots of advantages over tablets, the main one being a proper keyboard. The keys may be small and cramped, but for anyone who has a lot of typing to do and a plane to catch the lightweight nature of a netbook makes it the perfect traveling companion.


Author Phil Turner has been looking into netbook deals recently on this page on the uSwitch site He needs one for flying, when his laptop uses all his weight allowance.

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