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Not many people would have predicted the popularity with which Twitter would have changed the way businesses network on the internet. There was a time when networking meant going to the local pub or brewery and having after-work cocktails or dinners or spending time on the phone for conference calls.

While this was productive in its day, it did have its downside and today we all network online from the comfort of our homes or offices while using a computer, smart phone or tablet. A great networking tool is Twitter Chat where you can network with other and not have to worry about a phone hanging on your ear or becoming an alcoholic because of all the happy hour cocktails every day.

What Is Twitter Chat?

Whenever you have plans to meet a group of people for a specific chat on a certain topic at any given time on Twitter then you are participating in a Twitter chat. While they are considered a public chat, the use of certain hashtags means that only the people who are using these hashtags can participate in the actual conversation. All you need to do is let those who are planning on joining the conversation know the name of the hashtag and the time that you want to have the chat.

You will also need to have a moderator or a host who will take the questions and keep the conversation going. It is important to set an amount of time that you want the conversation to last; you can go over if you so choose but you do need to have parameters down.

The Benefits of Participation

Twitter ChatWhen it comes to networking nothing is better than using social media and unless you want to go back to the old days of happy hours and drunken nights then this is your best bet.

If you are concerned about your SEO efforts, Twitter chat can also help in this area as you get many mentions when you are chatting in this forum.

If you are having problems finding followers, you can ask the other chat members if they have ever purchased followers and what companies will offer you the best deal. The amount of information that can be shared on Twitter Chat is unlimited and you may find that you have more vendors and other business associates than you know what to do with.

Why Twitter Chat Rocks

It is always a good thing to have the chance to speak to your associates and customers in a personal setting that is causal and relaxed. You can offer a chat just for customers to get an idea of what they would like you to offer or how you can make your products better. This also allows you to meet people who are like-minded and who have the same goals as you do. Finally, you can promote your brand and get instant feedback from your current customers and customers who are thinking about visiting your website and purchasing your products.

When you want to get more involved in all aspects of your business you can use Twitter Chat to find out what your customers want, how others are networking, and to find others who are in the same niche as you and share ideas.

Author Sharon Thomas has been moderating Twitter Chats for two years along with blogging about the site.

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