kentucky bill

Kentucky Bill to Allow Programming as Foreign Language Credits

Kentucky students may soon be able to take computer programming classes to satisfy their foreign language requirements. Is this a good idea?

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Homeless Man learns to program

If Homeless Men Can Learn Programming So Can You

Patrick McConologue drove up to a homeless man over the summer and told him that he could choose between taking $100, or learning how to program.

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Software Obfuscation

Programmers Needn’t Be Nervous That The Software They Create Can Be Reverse Engineered

IT has helped companies become more streamlined and increase productivity, but along with the pros of IT, a host of risks and uncertainties have emerged.

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Visual Studio 2008

Chapter 1 from Professional Visual Studio 2008

Visual Studio 2008 is a suite of development tools designed for software developers. It is used by everyone from beginners to seasoned professionals. Get familiar with Visual Studio’s IDE (Integrated Development Environment) by reading this first chapter from Professional Visual Studio 2008. Chapter 1: A Quick Tour Ever since we have been developing software, there has […]

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Murach's Visual Basic 2008

Murach’s Visual Basic 2008, Chapter 2

Chapter 2 How to design a Windows Forms application. IN THE FIRST CHAPTER, you learned the basic skills for working with Visual Studio, you toured a Windows Forms application, and you tested an application with three Windows forms. Now, in this chapter, you’ll learn how to use Visual Studio to design the user interface for […]

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