SAP In The Cloud? Why You Should Make The Switch

Cloud computing is not just a popular technological trend; it is becoming the go-to choice for businesses. Even leaders in enterprise application software, like SAP, are offering cloud solutions now that it is becoming more apparent how much cloud computing matters to customers.

The SAP cloud is meant to integrate with on-premise solutions so that businesses can maximize their agility and manage most business practices in the cloud. SAP cloud solutions offer the benefits that most cloud providers are able to give customers like flexibility, control and most importantly the ability to cut costs.

Low Costs

There are plenty of reasons to consider switching to the cloud and very few real obstacles to encounter in using the new technology. Businesses especially are interested in using the cloud because of their ability to lower the costs they typically see with an on-premise system. Cloud computing can be set up quickly and cheaply, offering an attractive advantage to enterprises.

Companies often find that keeping their own computer equipment running smoothly with software updates and security can be both expensive and time-consuming. With the cloud, most of the managing of the equipment is taken care of for you by the provider at a much lower cost. Setting up and maintaining the system frees up time and financial resources for businesses that need it the most. The cost of cloud computing can vary depending on the company but ultimately it is thousands less than what would normally be spent on a server, software and IT assistance.


Cloud computing options like the SAP platform are scalable, another reason that you might consider switching. Being able to scale up, based on what you need, is easy and quick allowing your business to use more power and grow. In the past, scaling up would have required more resources that would be too expensive to obtain and continue running especially for smaller companies. That type of barrier could prevent companies from growing to their full potential but scalable cloud options open up these opportunities for small and mid-sized businesses to take advantage of.

The cloud also increases mobility, making businesses more productive and able to meet client’s need much faster. Customer service can be greatly improved with the ability to access software anywhere that has an internet connection allowing you to respond to and take care of clients instantly.


One of the major issues that have deterred many businesses from making the switch to the cloud is security. Some companies are fearful that their data will not be secure and protected in the cloud as well as it would be with on-premise data centers.

With cloud computing, data can actually be equally if not more secure because it is accessed through encryption set up by the provider. It is also protected through better backup and disaster recovery options that keep it safe from natural disasters in an offsite location. The widespread adoption of the cloud by major companies like SAP reveals how much businesses are beginning to rely on this IT option over more traditional onsite solutions.

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