Safety Concerns That You And Your Tech Savvy Child Should Know About

How to Keep Your Child Safe While Using Modern Gadgets

Wherever you are, whether you are in a restaurant, a mall, or on a bus, plane or train, you’ll likely see a child with a gadget.

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Kid’s these days, even toddlers, are so technologically savvy, and their devices are not the usual handheld gaming tools, like the PSP or Nintendo. Some of electronic tools, like tablets, iPhones, and other smartphones, are extremely high-tech and multi-functional. These modern gadgets are not your ordinary gaming device; these are also very useful not only in entertainment, but also in education, business, and government, to name a few sectors in society.

Because electronic devices are also wonderful learning tools, it has become quite common for parents to buy their kids their own gadgets. But before you do, here are some aspects to consider.

1. Protect your child from online predators

If you allow your child to have a gadget, you also have to seriously think about how he’s going to use it. He’ll probably use it for playing games, as well as studying, researching, surfing the net or listening to music or watching videos. But as a parent, you have to set limitations and you also need to keep your child safe because these types of modern equipment can also put him in danger. How? A lot of criminals who prey on children also use online resources to find, to learn about, and to stalk their targets; and the scary part is that they can disguise themselves as kids too. Sex offenders, particularly repeat offenders, are required by law to register so that the authorities, as well as the public, will be able to keep track of them. This is according to Houston-based criminal lawyers, Tad Nelson & Associates. However, this won’t stop them from preying on your kids via the internet. To protect your child from online predators, control and limit usage. Ensure safe internet surfing by using filters and software that block specific sites. There are also programs that monitor and keep track of online activities.

2. Buy apps that are appropriate for your child’s age

There is definitely no shortage of apps online, but don’t purchase the first cheap one that you find. Also, don’t download something just because it’s free. Before you get an app, read its description and check its features. See how helpful it’s going to be for your child. It should be both entertaining and educational. Check the testimonials of other users too, as well as the app rating.

3. Be aware of your credit card and phone bill charges

You might be asking, “Why is this important?” Your child’s internet use could have an impact on your credit card statement and phone bill. To illustrate, your kid might use your card to buy something online, like a product or a service. Checking your phone charges will also allow you to immediately notice unusual calls to unknown numbers. All in all, by keeping an eye on your financial statements and on your phone bill, you’ll be able to readily detect strange events.

4. Don’t allow your child to join private chat rooms

Posting a message in a private chat room will reveal your child’s email address. Someone who is an expert at extracting information from the internet and from computers can easily gain other personal details from that info alone. So, forbid your child from joining private chat rooms. This also makes them vulnerable to stalkers, bullies, and sex offenders.

Author Claire Taylor is a freelance writer and a parent. She writes about safety and how it impacts family life. She hopes that her articles will inform and motivate readers.

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