Robotics That Help You Walk

Honda unveiled a computerized robotic walking device today. It was designed to help auto-workers walk and reduce stress on the knees and feet.

Honda's Robotic Legs

Honda envisions the device being used by auto-workers and other factory workers. But it could also be used by anyone who does a lot of standing, walking, or bending on the job. And it would be a blessing for the elderly, the disabled, and others who have trouble walking or supporting their weight.

The Fox.News reporter who reported the story tried the new walker out. He said it took some getting used to, but he could feel it helping to lift his feet and supporting his body when he squatted.

The original article also tells us of several other robotic devices that have been invented to help the human body. One is a device called HAL (hybrid assistive limb) invented by a Japanese company called Cyberdyne.

Gasp! Isn’t that the company that created the robots that tried to take over the world? You know, the ones that Linda Hamilton saved us from?

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