Get Your Cyborg Name

An avatar is a computer user’s representation of him or her self or an alter ego. They are commonly used in games, and on forums and social sites.

At Get Your Cyborg Name  (site is no longer available. Darn it! That was fun!) you can get not only an avatar icon, but a techie/robotic/futuristic acronym for your name. Just type in your name, choose your avatar, and press GO.

Networked Troubleshooting and Efficient Calculation Humanoid

Cybernetic Operational Machine Programmed for Ultimate Troubleshooting, Exploration and Rational Sabotage

Journeying Immediate Learning Lifeform

Cybernetic Operational Machine Programmed for Ultimate Troubleshooting and Efficient Repair

Biomechanical Robotic Yelling and Assassination Neohuman

Journeying Artificial Construct Optimized for Battle

Biomechanical Robotic Individual Designed for Gratification, Efficient Troubleshooting and Thorough Exploration

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  1. Reply

    Cool! I am Binny V A – Biomechanical Individual Normally for Nocturnal Yelling and Vigilant Assassination

    • CBO
    • November 4, 2008

    Hey Binny. So you’re a guy who yells at night and kills people? Cool!

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