Dial-up Lives?

MY BUDDY SMITTY is in the market for a new computer. His is about 8 years old, and is getting really clogged up and slow. He was watching YouTube videos on my laptop, and wondering if he got a laptop would it be just as fast as mineĀ – on the PHONE.

“On the phone? What do you mean on the phone? You’re on DIAL-UP??” OMG! He is! I had no idea that anyone was still on dial up! That is so 1998. How can he stand it?

“Well, it takes about 30 minutes to download a YouTube video.” Smitty, you’re killing me!

Wow! I remember those days. $3.95 an hour on AOL on DIALUP. Can you imagine? Is anyone else still on dial-up? Let me know, please!


Smitty and IĀ talked about Time Warner Cable and ATT’s DSL and he’s going to spring for one of those. Whew! I feel so much better!

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