The HP Pavilion 4310nr

The HP Pavilion 4310nr – Is It A Netbook Or A Laptop?

Here we look at the new Hp Pavillion 4310nr to see where it fits in in the computer world and to look at some of it’s features!

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Green ICT

How to Green Your PC

The future for ICT is green technology. Learn some simple ways you can go green with your computer.

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Flash Memory

Flash Memory That Lives Forever?

Flash Memory, the type used in your USB thumb drives, your cellphone, solid state drives, and other storage devices; can be electrically erased and reprogrammed. In other words, you can put data on your device, then delete it, then put something else on it. Usually, this can be done about 10,000 times before the memory […]

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Broken Laptop Screen

How to Break Your Laptop Screen and Then Replace it Yourself

Follow these videos to learn how to replace a broken laptop screen yourself.

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Steve Wozniak

Wozniak on Android

You can say a lot about Wozniak and his IT life. But you can’t call him a close-minded person.

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Buying A New Graphics Card

Graphics cards are typically an expensive component, so you should take care to choose the right one.

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iPad vs. Netbook

Tech Comparison – iPad vs Netbook

Are you debating between buying an iPad and a Netbook? Wondering how they compare in features, price, and usability?

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iPad vs. iPhone

Tech Comparison – iPhone vs iPad

Before buying an iPad, I set out to answer the question, “Would an iPad give me features and advantages I can’t get with my iPhone?”

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iPad the Missing Manual

iPad The Missing Manual

In this video, J.D. Biersdorfer, author of iPad: The Missing Manual, shares some productivity tips that you can use with your iPad.

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32 Bit vs. 64 Bit

32-bit vs. 64-bit Operating Systems – What is the Difference?

Windows is now commonly sold in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The information found here will help you decide if a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows is best for you.

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