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Blog clogBlog clog. It’s not a new phenomenon. We’ve seen it before. Web sites that are nothing much but ad-banner after ad-banner. Rows and rows of ad banners. Affiliate banners. No content, just banners. No useful information, not even a cohesiveness of banner-subject-matter. Just a wasted click-thru from a search engine result.

By now pretty much everyone has learned that it’s a waste of time to even bother making sites like that. Even the die-hards have learned that they’ve got to add some content.  It may not be original content or even interesting content, but at least it’s not purely banners.

But here we go again, only this time it is on the blogs. Widgets and buttons and feeds galore. Friendster feeds. Recent vistors widget. A Blog Bidget button. My Neighborhood widgets. Twitter Feeds. BlogRush Widget. Technorati buttons. Buttons for adding the site to Yahoo, Google, MyAOL, BlogLines, ad infinitum. Powered by Feedburner. HubMobile. Button ads, blogrolls, blog ratings, and link lists. “My blog is listed at…”.

Blog Clog.

There’s nothing wrong with any of these things in and of themselves. They’re fun. They can be useful. They can help you get more traffic to your blog, and help you meet other bloggers. But when they take over your blog, when there is more clog than content, it’s just too much.

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    Ahh – overpopulation in Iconistan.

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