3 Ways Customers Can Pay For Purchases Instantly, Anywhere

Imagine yourself browsing through the many delightful offerings at a trade fair, or going through the latest line of products in your favorite online store. Now imagine that you simply had to purchase something, something you loved and just had to have at that instant. But you had no other way of paying for that purchase except through direct contact payment in cash. Talk about a wet blanket!


By Debra Wright

Most, if not all, of you would probably agree that that situation would not only be terribly annoying and inconvenient, it would most likely discourage you from making your purchase. This can be very disappointing for any customer, and quite a loss for any business.

Thankfully, situations like this rarely happen nowadays because of the many means by which customers can make payments anywhere, at any time.

Payment that Comes to You

Today, purchasing and payment are at their most convenient because of mobile payments. As its name suggests, a mobile payment is payment that goes where you go. You don’t need to have cash on hand or worry about not having enough cash, because with mobile payments your money will always be available to you wherever you are.

Currently, there are three means of mobile payment that are most commonly used worldwide:

  1. Online Wallets – Apps such as Paypal, Google Wallet (Google Wallet has been replaced by Google PayIntuit Gopayment, Amazon Payments and various others are considered online wallets. These apps can be accessed via mobile phone or any device that has a secure internet connection. Essentially, online wallets allow users to access credit cards and other payment methods easily by simply inputting a PIN.
  2. Direct mobile billing or direct carrier billing – This involves payment of goods through one’s mobile phone account. Customers can charge their purchases to their mobile phone account following an authentication procedure. This is particularly useful to those who don’t have credit or bank accounts as this involves none of those, just their phone bill.
    Google Wallet
  3. Card payments & Mobile EFTPOS – For customers who prefer to use credit and debit cards, and for businesses that are always on the go, mobile EFTPOS terminals are the best mobile payment solutions. They can operate and take payments virtually anywhere without the need for power points or phone lines. With a mobile EFTPOS machine, card payments can be made wherever, whenever.

Mobile Payments: Global Payments on the Go

Mobile payments are taking the world by storm, with a market that is estimated to reach a total of over $300 billion worldwide. Through mobile payments, customers can easily pay for purchases anywhere, anytime, and they don’t even have to bring a single cent. What makes mobile payments even better is that they allow for transactions to be made globally, so customers can purchase and pay for goods even if they are oceans away.

If you’ve got a business or plan to have one, it’s definitely a must to provide a mobile means of payment. Mobile payments offer the most convenience to customers, and with more and more purchases being made online, demand for it is only going to grow. With mobile payment solutions, you can be sure that your customers are always able to pay for your goods and your business is always able to adapt to any payment need.

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