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Kid Friendly Site

Kid Friendly Search

THIS MIGHT BE your one-stop spot for kid-friendly sites.

Written by an elementary school teacher from Florida, and aimed at kids in grades K-6, this site contains tons of links to sites under the headings of Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Reference, Math, Activities, Sites for Teachers, and Clip-Art.

All sites are checked for appropriate content, and an eye was also kept out for their educationality (it’s a Bush word), lack of excessive advertising, and for services that are free.

Instead of text links, sites are linked to with colorful banners. Even the names of these sites sound like fun!

Kid Friendly Search has been approved by CyberSitter, Family Friendly Site, and Safe Surf. For hours of educational fun for your kids, check it out!

Here are just a few of the sites you’ll find:

  • Fun Activities: BrainPop, Sesame Street,,, and Alphabetic Rain (practice typing as the letters rain down)
  • Social Studies: FEMA for Kids, Do You Know Your States?, First Gov for Kids, and FBI Kid’s Page.
  • Math: Johnnie’s Math Page, Starship Maths, Math Fun,, and Math Magician Games.
  • Science: Cool Science for Curious Kids, the Yuckiest Site on the Internet, Froguts, Sci4Kids, and The Why?Files.
  • Reference: Online Rhyming Dictionary, Ask for Kids, Homework Spot,, and The WorldFactBook.
  • Language Arts: Giggle Poetry,, Grammar Slammer, GameGoo – Learning that Sticks, and RIFReading Planet.
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