Possible Applications Of BYOD

BYOD if used carefully, can offer improved productivity, better communication and attract better-qualified employees to your company.

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Tech Events of 2014

7 Of The Best Global Technology Events

2014 is shaping up to be an excellent year for technology, with a wide range of thrilling events and exhibitions already planned across the globe.

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kentucky bill

Kentucky Bill to Allow Programming as Foreign Language Credits

Kentucky students may soon be able to take computer programming classes to satisfy their foreign language requirements. Is this a good idea?

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EHR - Electronic Healthcare Records

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Health Care Records

Electronic health records and electronic medical records have significantly changed how hospitals and clinics operate. Check out the pros and cons.

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FTP Server

Drawbacks Of FTP In Secure File Sharing

This article discusses the drawbacks of FTP, the file transfer protocol, from a secure file sharing point of view.

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Welcome to Sukoshicon

Sukoshi Con Destination Anime 2014

Click through our image gallery to see the Joker, Halo Soldier, and all the great cosplayers at Sukoshi Con. Who is your favorite?

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SAP in the Cloud

SAP In The Cloud? Why You Should Make The Switch

SAP cloud solutions benefit customers by providing flexibility, control, and the ability to cut costs.

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Home Security Technology

Worst Home Security Mistakes

People want to protect their home, but when they do they often make brutal mistakes that could lead to danger. Want to know what those mistakes are? Find out here.

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Kitty Joyner Electrical Engineer

Getting A Job In The Semiconductor Industry

Getting a job in such a technical field as semi-conductors can be difficult. There are a few things that can sway things your way.

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The Best of Zach King’s Magic Vines

Call them what you will; special effects, illusions, or magic, this compilation of Vine tricks is well worth wasting a few minutes on.

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