Alex Genadinik

Author Interview with Alex Genadinik: How to Start A Mobile App Business, and How to Promote A Mobile App

In this interview, Alex Genadinik, author of two business books, and some popular mobile apps, gave us an insider’s look into running a mobile app business.

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Accounting Software

Best Accounting Software Programs

Learn which accounting software programs work best for small business and personal taxes.

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Skype, Android, and Tablets

Top 3 Skype Alternatives For iOS

So, is it possible to outperform Skype? In fact, it is. The market is full of apps that can compete with this program. Just find yours and enjoy high quality..

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Network Administration

Cisco Certifications – Which One Is Right For You?

This article lists and examines the different types of Cisco Systems certifications and how they can help your career. Which is right for you?

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Deep Mind, Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Relatively unknown artificial intelligence company DeepMind was recently acquired by Google for $500 million US. What is all the excitement about and why did Google acquire this small and relatively unknown firm?

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Nintendo Wii U GamePad

Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo’s First Step In High Definition Gaming

This article reviews the latest Nintendo Wii U, a high definition gaming console from Nintendo.

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Video Conferencing

The Six Best Videoconferencing Services For Your Boardroom

There are software and services associated with every cost level and experience, with some even offering access from mobile devices like smartphone and tablets.

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Scientists Grow New Teeth From Urine

This past summer, researchers from China published their findings in the Cell Regeneration Journal that showed how they grew simple teeth out of urine.

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Twitter Chat

Taking Part In A Twitter Chat

Not many people would have predicted the popularity with which Twitter would have changed the way businesses network on the internet.

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Bitcoin and CryptoCurrencies – The Future of Money?

When Bitcoin emerged in 2009, each coin was worth just a few pennies, but by late-November, 2013 the demand was so high that a single coin was worth over $1,240.

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