Infographic: The Battle Against DDoS Attacks

Infographic: The Battle Against DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks are always perpetrated by hackers using remote controlled botnets which are used to mount incessant, low-key attacks on targeted websites. DDoS attacks involve millions of these zombies, all assaulting a website simultaneously, owing to which it is often difficult to track down and neutralize such an attack.

However, there are ways to tell if the integrity of your website has been affected by a DDoS attack. To begin with, your website will probably begin to run slower and have problems handling basic functions like processing customer orders. In some cases, the website will continue to be technically operational, but it will run too slow to be of any use.

However, the more common scenario is for the website to shut down altogether. The only surefire way to know of an impending DDoS attack before it happens, or while there is still enough time to do something about it, is to hire a DDoS mitigation services company. A professionally trained technician will be able to neutralize ongoing attacks and prevent new ones from occurring.

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