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Scribbles and WordsJAY HUNTER, over at Scribbles & Words, is offering a free 125 x 125 banner design, in exchange for a post on your blog or site – or for $10.

But just until the end of April 2008!

After April, no more freebies, and the price goes up to $25.

We liked his site so much that we put links on our site, AND paid him $10. And now he’s getting this blog post!

It’s not just about the banner. Jay’s site is about web and blog design, and about how to use WORDS on your blog or site. All written in Jay’s very unique voice. We think it’s an outstanding blog, and have already learned a lot from it.

Here are the banners Jay designed for us:

CBO ad1 CBO ad2
CBO ad3 CBO ad4

You like? We only asked for one, but got four. Talk about over-delivering! (Of course, you’re more than welcome to use any of these banners to link back to our site or this blog.)

Hurry, there are just a few days left for this offer.

UPDATE. Offer is expired, but you can still get some great little banners made by Jay for just a little cash.

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